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3 Flattering Halloween Costume Ideas – Petite Edition

It has been almost a week now that we have been discussing Halloween Costumes on our Blog that flatter your specific body type. We have covered the five major body shapes – hourglass, pear, inverted triangle, rectangle and apple. In addition we have discussed curvy women and today we embark upon dressing those of us who are petite.

Being petite, your prime concern could be looking taller or at least not shorter as well as avoid looking like a teen. So here are three ideas that you can steal or try to look for similar features in your costume. And when so many celebrities like Megan Fox, Vanessa Hudgens, Elizabeth Taylor and even the Olsen Twins can look great as petites, you can too!

Statue of Liberty
statue-of-liberty-halloween-costume-inspiration statue-of-liberty-halloween-costume-inspiration


Freedom and Halloween, doesn’t sound like a great mix? Well, wait till you lay your eyes upon the costume. Channel your patriotism through the, arguably, most famous landmark of our great land.

The costume, though only an interpretation of the original statue, works for various reasons – first the length makes sure a large part of your legs remain visible, creating a taller illusion of you when combined with even the shortest of heels. Second, the deep V draws attention towards your face and torso. And third, the liberty headpiece gives the illusion of a greater height. The lightening torch that actually glows is an added advantage.

Sexy Racer
speed-racer-halloween-costume-ispiration speed-racer-halloween-costume-ispiration


Who says racing is just a guy’s thing? If you are a woman who loves to drive her car fast or even if only fancy it, this costume will appeal to you greatly. But of course there are other reasons of it being flattering on you.

A great stylist tip for you is that wearing the same color head to toe is lengthening. This costume applies that principle, and the slight flare when combined with heels can be very flattering. The racing patches draw attention upwards, but if you are busty, it is advisable to choose a different one.

carrie-horror-drama-halloween-coustume-inspiration carrie-horror-drama-halloween-coustume-inspiration


This Horror-drama and Carrie’s bloody prom appearance is still memorable, even though it was originally released in 76 (and a remake this year). We loved the original flick for its recognizable look, and since it is Halloween you can officially go gory.

The costume we picked attempts to break the myth that maxi dresses are not for the petite. In fact, they make you look taller so you should not shy away from them. We love this one for one more reason that the blood-stained dress, crown, wig and even extra red paint all come with costume. What more can we ask for!

This brings us to the end of our Flattering Halloween Costume series. But just in case, any of our readers has any query feel free to leave a comment below and our stylists will be happy to help. And as, for the petites, hope you have found just the right Halloween costume for you above.


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