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How to wear the Oversized Coat trend 2013?

The oversized coat trend is one of the biggest this season, so says the designer collections, magazines and blogs. It made it to our list as well for the Fall 2013 Coat Guide. But, a lot of you maybe dicey about wearing it and not very keen either on it because it is seemingly unflattering. Some of you might have only liked it on skinny lanky models and some not even on them.

So will an oversized coat work for you? Does it work for any body type… regardless of you being an apple, pear or rectangle or curvy or petite? Wink n Pout Stylists say yes and no.

We say, with the right styling and right coat you can make it work, but it still will not be as flattering for many women’s taste. Style is a personal choice after all. We respect that, but have put together a guide here to aid you in making it look good. After all, some trends each season are decidedly tricky and this is one of them.

For an estimation purpose, hypothetically if it were a regular coat, a size or two larger at the maximum should be what you are oversized coat should be like. Whatever you do, DO NOT look like you have drowned in the coat. But if you have an enormous coat already, we have tips to make it wearable as well, read the article.





Check out our guide about different hem lengths.

Now, apart from what to wear an oversized coat with, HOW you wear it is important as well. Apply these techniques below to wear this trend better.

At Wink n Pout, we are big fans of belting and not without a reason. Belts work for most body shapes, if done right and with this trend it definitely gives some shape to the oversized garment.

If the sleeves of your oversized are extra long, or even if they aren’t and you simply want to show some arm to minimize the ‘drowning’ effect – fold em up.

The oversized coat essentially needs some height and lengthening of the legs. Unless is you are pretty tall, heels can be the saving grace of your outfit with an oversized coat.

Add a Scarf
Now, this one is a gem in its own right. Adding the scarf is the balance that you would need in this overpowering look. Sometimes it will be answer to fixing something that you felt wasn’t right with your oversized coat look.

Body Shape Wise Tips
• If you are skinny, you would have to be the most careful about the width you choose. Again, don’t drown.
• Petite women are better off with a shorter over-sized coat.
• If you are a pear or hourglass, you might feel chubbier in this & hence consider belting & not going very long.
• If you are an apple, showing off your legs is the key as that it one your best features.
• Rectangle or boyish shape women can pull of androgyny or go opposite and belt.
• If you are a curvy woman, a flattering dress with defined waist underneath and not going overboard with the oversize.

Hopefully, after this guide the oversized coat will be your friend and you will be less intimidated by this trend. And most importantly, you would not end up as a fashion victim and disaster and actually look good in the oversized coat.


5 thoughts on “How to wear the Oversized Coat trend 2013?

  1. I have a great vintage plaid overdosed coat that I LOVE and cannot wait to bust out this winter! These are great styling tips, now I just have to wait for the weather to get cold enough 😉

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