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8 ways to wear a Pink Coat in Fall 2013 !

Haven’t you heard that pink is the color for coats this season? Before you cringe, we must tell you that it is actually a nice hue to own. A pink overcoat can vary from a pastel barely-there pink to a shocking pink. So there may just be a pink hue out there for you.

But how do you wear a pink overcoat? How do you style it? What colors can you wear it with? Stylists at Wink n Pout answer all of those for you. So let’s talk about colors and styles that will work with your pink coat.

# 1 Grey

Pink and grey is almost a fail proof combination and depending on the hues used, it can go from a cold winter feel to a brighter contrast. You can wear a grey sweater inside or a turtle neck or wrap around a grey scarf as well. Our stylists shared a special love for a belted pink coat worn as a dress and grey socks worn with heels, subtle yet rocking!


#2 Black and White

Black and white is a classic but it had been particularly deemed chic during this summer. Update your black and whites for fall by adding a pink overcoat or even a blazer. The color pop will work wonders for your winter wardrobe. You can work with even solid black and white pieces to create a winter colorblock that is on trend!


# 3 Black

Some say black and pink is the new black and red. Time to test that in real life! Wear black head to toe and throw on a pink overcoat for some fun or simply add black to accent the pink with accessories like gloves, belts, bag and boots.


# 4 Blue

This is one combination that is not favored by many. Think of wearing blue denims with a pink tee, not that appealing in your head right? But you would be amazed to see how gorgeous pink overcoats look with denim. It just changes the whole equation. But denim is not all, you can also combine a blue sweater or dress with your coat. Get creative!


# 5 Red and Pink

A pink overcoat can be combined with red or other hues of pink as well. It is a bold combination but surely a beautiful one at that. You can combine a red dress with a pink overcoat or to keep it slightly subtle, just throw a darker pink scarf in your neck. Introduce a neutral like black or beige to combine easily. Also, remember to explore deeper hues with brighter ones or pastels.


# 6 Prints and Patterns

Give your prints or wovens with patterns on them, the signature solid color pieces they need. Yes, it has got to be a pink overcoat. Whether you stick to black and white classics like stripes or polkas or take a chance on animal prints is upto you. Instead of combining your clothing separates you can also make a statement with printed bag or shoes.


# 7 Light Neutrals

Neutrals obviously have an affinity towards all colors but this season we just can’t get enough of very light neutrals given a dose of a pink overcoat. This way you can also wear your ethereal skirts or dresses in winter. Just make sure to keep yourself warm.


# 8 Try more colors

Well, clearly you can combine your pink overcoat with more colors than listed above. Here we urge you to get creative or take a lesson in color combinations from our earlier post. Here are a few more to get you going. Mix pink with yellow, or carry an orange bag or you can try shades of purple and even a pastel blue!


So are you excited to wear a pink overcoat this winter? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!


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