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How to: Dress for Wide Shoulders

If you have wide shoulders, we urge you to have a look at them again and see if you can shift your perspective. You are thinking what do we mean and why? Well, because with any body shape, there are two ways to dress it. One, you try and cover up what you think are your flaws or second embrace who you are first and then play up your positives. At wink n pout we definitely recommend the latter.

So your wide shoulders can seem like a flaw but in reality a sculpted shoulder is a great thing and is very attractive as well. Think about all those emphasized shoulders and padded shoulders women are wearing now just so they have stronger wider shoulders. Our point is dress to balance your figure but love your shoulders! So let’s get down to business and tell you all the clothes that will look good on you.

Blouses for wide shoulders

  • The blouses you should wear should not add volume or a lot of detailing around the shoulders
  • Deep V necks and scoop necks are good for you and so is an empire line.
  • You can also work with halters, but the once who are not these thin straps.
  • Spaghettis and camisoles with thin noodle straps can only be worn if you embrace and love your wide shoulders. Or else, skip them.
  • You can define your waist but only if you balance it with volume below it. Think a peplum with a deep scoop.
  • Another recommended neckline is the one shoulder. That way you can flaunt the gorgeousness of your shoulders yet de-emphasize its width at the same time.

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Dresses for wide shoulders

  • Your dresses should seek to add volume below the waist as it will balance the width of your shoulders.
  • You can also try peplum dresses with a V neck. This will cut down on the width on top, give a balancing volume and still flaunt your shapely bottom.
  • From dressing for office to the beach, remember your most flattering necklines and clever prints. Avoid giving too much attention to the shoulders and very fitted below the waist as it is will only emphasize the difference in width.

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Pants for wide shoulders

  • While dressing your body with wide shoulders, we are trying to keep them minimal and draw attention elsewhere. And elsewhere can mean your legs.
  • So experiment with your pants in terms of print, textures and colors. You can emphasize your legs visually.
  • As for the cut, straight fit or slightly flared hem is good to balance the wide shoulders.
  • But that does not mean that you can’t wear skinny jeans or pants. With the right tunic which flows naturally over the top half, and doesn’t stick a lot to it instead – you are good to go.

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Skirts for wide shoulders

  • Just like your pants, your skirts can take centre stage as well. The easiest options are skater skirts and full circle skirts. In fact the drama can make you look closer to an hourglass if you define your waist right.
  • You can also wear the all –body-shape flattering A-line skirt and gorgeous colors.
  • But what if your heart is set on a pencil skirt? Choose one with a flared hem, they are on trend and can be beautiful in complimenting your wide shoulders.
  • A regular pencil skirt can work when you keep the top half uncluttered or add a blazer that is not to snug. Or else choose a clever embellished or printed version like we have picked for you.

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Blazers for wide shoulders

  • A simple rule while buying your blazer is saying no to shoulder embellishments or shoulder pads. No brainer right?
  • Next, if your shoulders are very wide you might just have to skip the really fitted once unless the flare slightly below the waist to balance the shoulders.
  • Try lapel-less blazers and boyfriend blazers (and pair them with something feminine)
  • Whenever you can, wear your blazer open and define your waist with the help of a belt inside, over your blouse.

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So those were our tips as well as a shopping guide for women with wide shoulders. Do you have any questions or comments? Let us know below. You can also follow our pinterest board Inverted Triangle Body Shaped celebrities: Looks and Inspirations.


4 thoughts on “How to: Dress for Wide Shoulders

  1. LOVE this guide! I have very broad shoulders and I totally agree with all of your rules – scoop and v-necks are good and halters are bad! Another lovely post, thanks for sharing your fashion tips and inspiration!! 🙂

  2. Oh we are glad we could be of help… but you sure know very well how to dress your body… because the more posts we see on your blog.. the more we love your style!

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