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Fall Floral pieces for all body shapes

Are florals just for spring or are do you love them all throughout the year? We happen to fall in the second category. Any season without florals might just become boring. We all can have a little bit of bloom in our wardrobes. But are summer florals different than winter florals?

Yes, they are. Florals for fall/winter 2013 are darker and deeper. Think dark romantic or even punk meets romantic. The influences are slightly gloomy or reference to winter landscapes more. Have a look at the visions of Valentino, Carolina Herrera etc. and you would know that even the brighter ones feel like winter.

So, if you are looking to add some winter florals to your wardrobe, you are at the right place. Once you know, looking at the runway inspirations , the visual language of the winter florals,  it is easier to spot a trendy piece. But is it easy to spot a piece that is meant for your body shape as well?

We have set out the list for you below which contains a skirt, blouse/button down, sweatshirt/cardigan/blazer, a dress, pants/leggings and even shoes. Though remember, the shoes will depend more on your height than body shape and you can choose either accordingly.

floral-prints-for-fall-hourglass-body-typeSweatshirt • Button down • Skirt • Dress • Leggings • Shoes

Blouse • Blazer • Pants • Dress • Skirt • Shoes



Tee • Cardigan • Dress • Pants • Skirt • Shoes



Button Down • Blazer • Leggings • Dress • SkirtShoes



Blouse • Cardigan • Dress • Skirt • Pants • Boots

So that is our complete list of all the floral pieces that will look good and suit your body as well. Remember that what you pair with a piece is equally important as well. A loose sweatshirt paired with leggings for an inverted triangle will look good. Two shapeless or loose separates are harder to combine. Need full look ideas? Download the wink n Pout app.


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