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Put your Hat on! (Winter is coming)

There is something in the air that is making us anticipate wearing hats, beanies and even baseball caps. The stylists at wink n pout have been on the look out for some cool options for fall winter 2013 and in today’s post we are sharing our passion for these useful fashion accessories. After all, what is more gorgeous than owning pieces, which are both trendy and useful!

In this article we take a look at beanies – from the ones that have really cool quotes return across them to the slouchy and even embellished ones.

Next we talk hats from bowler hats to classic fedoras; the season saw a lot of them on the runway.

Lastly, we cover our favorite baseball caps for fall/winter 2013. You make a statement with extreme embellishments or be minimal with black and white faux leather. Excited much? See our shopping list.

Best Beanies for Fall/Winter 2013

1 Fuck Mondays • 2 Leopard Print • 3 Faux Fur Pom Pom • 4 Colorful Print • 5 Embellished • 6 Slouchy Knit

Best hats for Fall/Winter 2013

Black and White • 2 Blue Hat • 3 Orange Hat • 4 Floppy Black hat • 5 Brown Flowers • 6 Dual Color

Best Baseball Caps Fall/Winter 2013

Black and White • 2 Camouflage • 3 Embellished • 4 Spikes • 5 Dope • 6 Black and Blue

We are sure that there was something for everyone in that compilation. There are hats that you can work on a weekend to a regular workday; hats that are for a timid dresser to a bold one. You got to let us know which ones you loved.

But we will not leave you hanging without giving some inspiration on how to wear your hats of all kinds. We have been surfing the biggest street style blogs and the recently there are a lot of hatspiration in there. We have picked the best for you! Gorge your eyes and apply the looks in your wardrobe!

On second thoughts, why wait for the colder climate. Start wear your hats while it is still moderate… and here is the inspiration to start.

Did you have fun with this post? Let us know! Oh, and get the app’s new version today 🙂


3 thoughts on “Put your Hat on! (Winter is coming)

  1. Hurray for fall/winter hats! I have yet to find my personal “hat of the season,” but I love cold weather hats and I cannot wait to start sporting my favorite cloche or wide-brimmed fedora! 😉

  2. Well said! there is always a “hat of the season” that we tend to wear again and again… this time we will be buying two – a fedora and a beanie!

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