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Flattering Trend for all Body Shapes – Monochrome

There are a few trends that work for everyone, each body shape. Monochrome outfits may have been seen as too matchy-matchy earlier but today they are the perfect statement. Given those qualities we are calling it the Perfect Trend!

But did you think monochrome refers to only all black or all white outfits? Well, technically it is not true as chroma simply means color and monochrome can be done with any color. But visually, yes in popular culture all black or all white has been more visible than anything else. That may have caused your perception. But Wink n Pout says open up your eyes to the world of colorful monochrome out there.

To begin to let you know how a lot of colors look chic when worn head to toe, these are some fresh examples from street style.


Benefits of Monochrome
Before we proceed to suggesting monochrome looks for each body shape separately, let’s see what a monochrome really does.

  • One color head to toe makes you look taller than you are.
  • Monochrome puts emphasis on fabric, texture and silhouette and hence if you are willing to learn what flatters your body shape – wearing monochrome will get you acquainted with your body very well.
  • Monochrome is a bold statement, two garments which are very normal separately when combined together instantly chic.

Monochrome Look for Hourglass shape

Blouse • Skirt • Necklace • Heels
For the hourglass woman we recommend this deep maroon combination. Though color is of course a personal choice, but the pencil skirt will define your curves very well. To avoid it being very fitted we combine a flattering blouse and a statement necklace in this look.

Monochrome Look for Pear Shape


TopPants • Necklace • Shoes
For the pear body shape we recommend blue straight leg trousers worn with a blue crop top. The exposed midriff will bring attention to your torso instead of the hip and thighs. Also the straight leg will balance out your curves. The necklace will add more attention upwards and you can complete this look with a silver pair of heels.

Monochrome Look for Rectangle/ Sporty Ruler Shape


Jeans • Shirt • Shoes • Bag
For the rectangle shape we suggest a white look head to toe. Wear a V neck button down with pockets on the chest which will create slight curves rather than a no-waist shape. Underneath wear a pair of torn white skinny jeans. Complete the look with black and white accessories.

Monochrome Look for Inverted Triangle


Top • Skirt • Belt • Shoes
For the inverted triangle body shape we have put together a pastel monochrome look. Keep your top simple in the form of a round neck tee. Tuck it in to a skater/circle skirt which gives enough volume to balance your shoulders. Highlight your waist with a silver iridescent belt and complete with silver heels.

Monochrome Look for the Apple Body Shape


Top • Pants • Necklace • Shoes
For the apple shaped woman, we have chosen an ecru colored look. The blouse has embellished shoulders which take emphasis away from the rounded waist and the fabric and cut allows the blouse to flow over that waist in a flattering way. The tapered trousers let you show off your asset which is your toned legs. Complete the look with a bejeweled necklace and gold pointed flats.

How do you love the monochrome look on yourself? Have you ever tried it or got enthusiastic about trying it now? Let us know! And if you want to know more flattering looks for your body shape – download the Wink n Pout App!


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