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In her Shoes: Andy Sachs from Devil Wears Prada

Have you ever wondered that how can you dress like Andy (aka Anne Hathaway) from Devil Wears Prada? It has been six years since the movie but the story of a regular girl turning her fashion, style and dressing around 180 degrees still connects.

The fact that she goes from being a plain Jane to fashionable in a way to please others and in the end simply updates her plain Jane self to a more stylish level says a lot. Maybe you do not need a Miranda Priestly or the whole Runway office judging you to start dressing up better. If you take inspiration from the movie and try to apply it to your life, you will know that dressing up to flatter your body and your own aesthetic sense is a huge favor to your own self. With that thought we decode for you the style of Andy Sachs.

Style Tips from Andy Sachs in Devil Wear Prada
When Andy finally discovers fashion and style, these are some things that are apparent from her look and are still applicable.

  • A statement coat worn over a dress like a dress can completely make you look chic.
  • Get a good haircut, maybe bangs as she did as it instantly takes your style quotient higher.
  • Play with your bags, own enough of them and interesting ones at that. Having 5 black bags in different shapes and sizes does not cut.
  • Layer your necklaces. Yes, you have heard about stacking your bracelets and it is of course happening a lot but you can layer necklaces as well.
  • Have natural dewy makeup in the day and show your red lipstick some love in the evening.
  • Caps/Hats are one of your best friends. Even though the caps Andy wore 6 years ago in Devil Wears Prada are no longer trendy. But in general you can invest in classic hats, bowler hats or beanies this fall and channel an updated version of Andy Sachs.
  • Stockings, Mary Janes, classic pointed pumps and boots are all must-haves in your wardrobe.


Style tips are done but what are some outfits inspired by Andy’s style that you too can wear in real life? Well here is our pick!

Andy from Devil Wears Prada Look for Spring/Summer

Dress • Belt • Necklace • Sunglasses • Bag • Shoes

Andy from Devil Wears Prada Look for Transitional weather


Blouse • Blazer • Bag • Necklace • Leather Pants • Boots

Andy from Devil Wears Prada Look for Fall/ Winter

Andy-from-Devil-Wears-Prada-Look-for-Fall_-WinterCoat • Dress • Shoes • Sunglasses • Gloves • Bag

So, that was our journey with the style of Andy from Devil Wears Prada, or Anne Hathaway rather, through three broad seasons. Which one is your favorite? Will you try any of these looks? Leave a comment below! And yes don’t forget to try the app!




8 thoughts on “In her Shoes: Andy Sachs from Devil Wears Prada

  1. I may be committing a “fashion crime” in even admitting this, but I kind of like the “before” better. Okay, not entirely, she definitely needed more polish and direction, but I don’t think the “after” was entirely true to her either (duh, point of the movie). I guess the best look from the movie is the after the “after,” you know when she quits the magazine but keeps some of what she learned about fashion/style while working there.
    My point is, my personal style tends to be more laid back (because that’s what works for my lifestyle), so I like the toned down stylish Andy at the end of the movie best 🙂

    • Oh we definitely had a debate over that in our office… a lot of us do appreciate the end of the movie the most – just like you! A little polish can actually do so much for everybody’s style. But then we finally decided that even though arguably, it was not Andy’s style in the middle of the movie.. it showed great potential as to how anybody can transform if needed…

      But we are so very happy that you took the time to speak your mind in a constructive comment! means so much ! Thank you! XOXO

      • Absolutely! That’s the point of blogging, right? To find a community of similarly interested people and engage! 😉
        And either way, it’s an entertaining movie and Anne Hathaway is gorgeous no matter what! Ooh although speaking if transformations, I love her Princess Diaries before and after!! 🙂

  2. Now that you reminded us of the Princess Diaries… we are thinking was that transformation better? And is it some co-incidence that Anne has had two movies like that… something to think about now… 😉

    And we are very glad to know that you see blogging the same way we do. No wonder we get along 😉

  3. Please note that if a woman turned “her fashion, style and dressing around 360 degrees”, she’d be right back where she started. “180” is the amount of degrees you are looking for.

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