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5 ways to dress up your Casual outfit in under 1 minute

Weekend is just round the corner and you will most likely find yourself in your casual jeans and t-shirt then – the most basic of all outfits! All you feel like wearing is your comfortable ballerinas along. But after a week looking polished, when you look in the mirror with this casual outfit something will just not feel right.

We have all been there when we just throw together something and ending up hating how we look. And then we start to think how do those off-duty models look fabulous in casual clothes? If only you had the formula to make a casual outfit a bit dressier and aesthetically appealing! Well, we give you 6 simple, easy and the most basic ideas to dress up your casual outfit in under a minute.

Tee • Jeans

Look #1 Make way for a Statement Belt
So you were going to wear your blue denim with your printed tee tucked out and a pair of basic beige ballerinas. All you have got to do is tuck your tee in and add a bold statement belt! Done!

Belt • Ballerinas

Look #2 Blazers are your friends
Blazers are a classic on the street especially in off-duty looks. Get it right by simply wearing a black blazer over your tucked out t-shirt. If you are feeling bold, you can experiment with colored blazers as well as printed ones.


Look #3 Put your heels on please
It maybe your feet’s day off but if you are up for it good heels make a difference like no other. By heels we do not mean stilettos, you can wear block heels and wedge heels as well and still look good and dressy. So slip out of those ballerinas and slip into some good looking shoes for going casual to dressy!


Look #4 Invest in some Scarves
You can wrap scarves around your neck over a tucked in tee and it will make a lot of difference. You can go without a belt as well, but we prefer the simplest skinny one to nothing in this look.

Scarf • Belt


Look #5 For the love of Jewelry and watches
If statement necklaces are your thing, the n go for that. But for this particular look we prefer layering necklaces – wear a short one and a long one. Next add a nice watch on your wrist and your casual to dressy transformation is complete.

Small Necklace • Large Necklace • Watch


Look #6 The classic Red Lip
Last but not the least, your makeup does make a difference. And we do not feel that red lipstick should be reserved for evenings only. So we say put on your favorite red lipstick with you casual combination. Still, if red is not your thing – read statement lips and go for a bold lip color of your choice like pink or tangerine.


No brainer tips right? But when we are struggling and upset over looking too plain, we often forget these. So whenever you face that situation next, remember the list Wink n Pout stylists gave you!



4 thoughts on “5 ways to dress up your Casual outfit in under 1 minute

  1. I feel like this post was written just for me haha! I am definitely a fan of jeans and a t-shirt and I always try my best to dress it up with a belt and accessories! I love the idea of wearing heels as well, but since I babysit several days a week, it’s not always practical 😉

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