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How To: Dress for Short Legs

Long torso short legs? Short and thin legs or short and thick legs? You can be a petite or an average height woman as well but your short legs maybe the cause of a lot of sartorial and confidence problems for you. Wink n Pout is very much committed to make you love yourself, and see yourself in better light by dressing better!

So while how you dress depends on your body shape majorly (download our app if you need help with that 😉 ) But of course, since all of us are such unique individuals, you also want to dress according to your most pressing issues.  So let’s begin and after we are done, you would know the tricks to look taller in style!

Tops and Blouses
If you though only what you wear on the legs can make your legs look longer, well you are a little far from the truth. It starts with what you wear on the torso.

  • No tee or blouse should end at mid hip or be longer than the hips. The exception to this rule is when you wear a curves hem. This way you can pair a longer button-down with leggings – they will cover the essentials but still not reduce your leg length. The highest point of the curved hem should be above your hips.
  • The curved hem can also be a concave curve with the centre of the blouse/sweater being the highest like in the embellished blue sweater that we have featured.
  • For some looks, draw the eye upward with prints, colors or statement jewelry. In dressing for your body, fixing the eye on your assets rather than your “perceived flaws” works many a times.
  • Crop Tops are your great friend when you wear them right. Crop tops with high waist jeans or shorts or skirts will help in reducing the length of your torso and increasing the length of your short legs visually.


Jeans and Pants

  • Look for jeans and pants with medium rise (the length from crotch to waist of the pants). Both low rise and high rise can be a problem visually.
  • A high rise pants/ leggings etc works when the garment is high waisted. In that case it is a wonderful choice to elongate your short legs.
  • Pin Stripes and even bold vertical stripes trick the eye visually into adding more length.
  • The hem of all your pants will be of extreme importance. While wearing heels or flats, make sure that the whole shoe is not visible from the back. The length should cover part of the shoe.
  • While buying your jeans, remember that crazy washes create two tones in your jeans color and hence breaks the legs visually. Minimum wash is your best friend.
  • Also remember, whenever you will wear a single color from head to toe, your whole body will appear elongated including legs.


Shorts and Skirts

  • If you do not have particularly thick short legs, that you are not confident about.. showing more leg will equal to them looking longer. So that means that shorts and skirts are great for you.
  • You can look for high waist shorts as well as interesting textures and prints in shorts. If you have been sticking to basics when it comes to pants and jeans, you can experiment here.
  • When it comes to skirts, we say for minis or skater skirts with hemline above mid thigh or below it – never just at it. Same goes for skirts ending in the middle of the knees, as they would be very unflattering. Choose the ones ending above the knee or just below it.
  • High waist pencil skirts and even maxi skirts are an excellent choice for you. While choosing both of these, be aware that the silhouettes flatter your body shape. If you want help with that our Fashion Math series can be a great help.



  • In your dresses, you should look for either shorter hemlines or complete maxi dresses.
  • Empire line dresses are made for you as they emphasize the bust in the torso area and below it is undefined where the torso ends and legs begin. That is an advantage to you and can make your short legs look longer.
  • Semi-fitted sheath dresses ending above the knee are also a good bet. You can move the eye upward with details around the neck.
  • Wrap dresses with a curved overlapping hemline will show more leg in the middle than the sides. This too aids in longer looking legs.


Now let’s talk about one of the most crucial factors in elongating your legs – your shoes.

  • Whenever you can, try and wear heels. They can be stilettos or kitten heels, or block heels or wedge heels – whichever way it feels more comfortable. But that does not mean we are anti-comfort. If you look in the right stores, you can find comfortable heels.
  • But before we talk about heels full-fledged we want to mention that when you are wearing flats, always prefer pointed toes as they elongate your legs. Also, the least covered it is, the better. So it is ok to show your toe cleavage.
  • Nude pair of heels or flats will be your great pals. Remember that nude is not a color per se, it simply indicates a color that is closest to your OWN skin tone. Remember this when buying your nude pairs. They essentially help in making your legs look longer as there is no clear demarcation of where the leg ends and shoes begin.
  • You should prefer tall boots to booties as the latter cut you off visually at your ankles. Also, when wearing boots, for you it is advisable that the color of your pants or leggings is close to that of the boots.


  • Lastly, it is sad but ankle strap is not for you. The thick ones are a strict no, the very thin ones may work if your legs are not very short and maybe you are wearing a skirt/ dress which is high up your thighs but usually they are tricky so seek caution.


The Wink n Pout stylists hope with this guide, you would be able to make smarter sartorial choices for your short legs. To keep up with how to dress your best, we are sure you would love the Wink n Pout app as well! 



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