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13 Reasons to Thank your Body this Thanksgiving

Halloween just passed and thanksgiving will arrive at the end of this month. Festivities really are here to stay. So today Wink n Pout is officially starting its Thanksgiving series with a post rooted in tradition. Gratitude is what thanksgiving is all about right? So while at the Thanksgiving dinner you show gratitude for your family, food, wealth, friends etc. – majority of us would not remember to thank our bodies.

But why thank our bodies you may think, leave alone love it. We are so engrossed in being dissatisfied with our bodies, so accustomed to dissecting each bump and curve and getting upset over it that we forget that the body is not a mere aesthetic machine to hang the latest clothes on. It is so much more, and team Wink n Pout shows you just exactly why you should thank the only body you got but with a sarcastic humorous twist!


#1 Just so you know, all the organs in your body from your heart to the tiny RBCs are working very hard to keep you alive so that you can get lazy and shirk work and be reading articles like these instead. So say thank you! J

#2 If labor rights and laws applied to your body, your legs would go on a strike the minute you put on those killing towering heels. But they don’t and let you go on your I-am-so-fashionable spree. Big thanks to the supportive legs right?

#3 You always secretly try on a size smaller than you are in the dressing room. Your body tries very very hard to fit in and please you. Give it the credit for trying or a token of thanks!

#4  Yes, you are complaining about flabby arms right now but it is no fun having none at all now is it? How will you put on lipstick without them? Or where will you get your manicure done? Ah! Snap….you need that arm! You might as well say thank you for it.

#5 Talking of lipstick and so many layers of makeup, it is your everyday real answer to “Photoshop” right? Your answer to the airbrushed images on billboards and magazines. Your skin definitely should win a prize for putting up with all those chemicals for you! But poor thing, you don’t even say thanks!

#6 The clothes you buy at the mall come with a 30-day exchange policy. But your body did not come with anything and you did not even order it! Damn! It is a cruel world. Yes princess! Your body feels the same because it is stuck with an un-loving owner…forever. Duh! It didn’t order you either. 😛

#7 For months you don’t move your bum at all and suddenly a beach party invite comes for the weekend and you put the poor thing on an over-exercise mode, while starving it as well. It does not blast (yes retaliates with pain for a bit) and in the end works out to make YOU look good. So much for kindness!

#8 So you hate yourself in the mirror when you are naked but expect your lover to love you and find you attractive? Double-standard b***h! First love yourself, say thank you to your body and then expect the same out of anyone else.

#9 On a connected note, your child thinks you are beautiful and gets confused when you say you are not. When he/she grows up you will keep telling them that they are beautiful and they will think they are not. What goes around comes around, someone said.

#10 When you are young, your body is all youthful. When you grow older, the body gets these wrinkles and grey hair that surprisingly everyone else who is older is getting as well. Who is on trend now? Basically, you are oh-so-last-decade if you are still craving what happened to your body 10 years ago. Say thank you because your body is wiser in keeping up with the times.

#11 You are judging your body? Although it loves all the attention you put into (scrutinizing) details but secretly it is judging your non-accepting nature as well. But unlike yourself the body does not talk back, say mean things or think mean things. The better one of you two deserves a thank you!

#12 Scrutinizing your body and disliking it keeps you so busy. What would you have done with all that free time, if it weren’t so? God forbid, you would have pursued a hobby, tried finding your actual potential or actually spent time living your life and being happy. Boring right! Thank god you have your body to scrutinize!

#13 You are a certain body shape and your body will look awesome in certain kind of clothing. Even when you ignore that, don’t download the Wink n Pout app to seek out some help and continue to waste money on unflattering clothes and fads, your body gets embarrassed but says nothing. Say thank you for its respectful silence.

Enough food for thought for today? Wink n Pout says love your body at any size with any body shape. Love yourself first and then only you can truly love anybody else, because love is the second name of acceptance. And if you are still thinking that your body is keeping you unhappy, it is time for a reality check! It is your thoughts and your perception of your body that is keeping you sad. So check your thoughts, concentrate on the positives, don’t indulge in body-bitching with your friends and respect who you are and you will be well on your way to saying thanks to your body. Don’t be hateful be grateful 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!





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