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Affordable Thanksgiving Outfit ideas for a Hostess

It is officially going to be holiday time very soon. That means a lot of dinners to attend and host. So if you are hosting a thanksgiving dinner at your place this year you must have started planning already. Of course, the menu, guest list, decorations etc all need to be dealt with in advance. But another important aspect of being a great hostess is looking great yourself.

But with so much work to handle on such a tight schedule, it is easy to put your thanksgiving outfit on the backburner. But like always, at the time of any occasion, Wink n Pout has answered all your sartorial questions. So do that today as well.

As a hostess your outfit needs to be:

  • Comfortable – You are pretty much going to be on toes during the party looking after your guests. You will be making several trips to the kitchen or encountering situations where you need to bend or reach out.
  • Special – You are the hostess and of course you need to look like one. Your outfit has to have a unique element that makes you stand out.
  • Uncomplicated – You do not have time to fit in complicated clothing or shoes or accessories for that matter. You need to strip down to the basics while having maximum impact.
  • Sans any outerwear – Well see the bright side, unlike when you are a guest, now since you are at home already you would not need to match any winter layers with your outfit.

Seeing all your needs above, according to your body shape we have suggested looks with dresses that are not to short or too tight for causing discomfort. We have chosen comfortable yet trendy shoes which are flats or have low heels. And last, we have also taken the liberty to choose an apron for you. After all, if you are in the kitchen, you would want to protect your clothes and that too in style, with your guests around! And needless to say, all of the pieces featured are pretty affordable as well!

Hourglass Hostess Outfit for Thanksgiving
To compliment your tiny waist we have found this gorgeous black dress that emphasizes it even more. The shoulders are wide and the hem is flared but only after defining your curves. Pair it with a metal waist belt, houndstooth court shoes. The quirky apron is only when you are needed in the kitchen of course.

Inverted Triangle Hostess Outfit for Thanksgiving
For your inverted triangle body we have chose this bright yellow A-line shift dress which seeks to balance your proportions beautifully. Wear it with an elegant pair of silver block heeled court shoe and a silver black watch. The black pinstripe apron will create a fun contrast in the kitchen.

Pear Shape Hostess Outfit for Thanksgiving
Since you are a pear, we are bringing attention upwards by baring your shoulders with this cut-away neckline and a beautiful bare back. The tikka hair accessory only aids us more in keeping attention to the top. Add a pair of glitter low heel shoe for the festive spirit. The printed apron is an interesting wear on top if you are dealing with food yourself.
DressHair AccessoryHeelsApron

Sporty Ruler / Boyish Shape Hostess outfit for Thanksgiving
We know that you sometimes do not like the fact that your waist is not very defined. And while you can carry an androgynous outfit very well, we choose to create a waist with this beautiful black dress which is a keeper. The volume of the shoulders and the skirt make the dress a perfect buy. You can accessorize with gold earrings and watch. For handling food wear this red apron with a happy positive message perfect for the holiday mood.

Apple Shape Hostess Outfit for Thanksgiving
We recommend a relaxed shift dress in deep blue with statement sequin sleeves as your dress of choice. Accessorize with a bold statement necklace and complete the look with pointed court shoes in deep blue as well. The black printed apron is a lovely contrast to the shimmer of the sleeves.

We talked about why you should thank your body this Thanksgiving, yesterday. And there is a lot more to come in our Thanksgiving series so stick around! Also, don’t forget to download the wink n pout app as well to solve all your dressing up problems.



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