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Comfortable Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas that are chic!

Dressing up for Thanksgiving can become quite a task for us women. You want to be comfortable because you will be sitting for hours at the table or around the fireplace, but you want to portray a holiday mood in your outfit as well – no, your pyjamas don’t make the cut. Add to that keep yourself warm while house hopping. It is like lot of sartorial challenges rolled into one. So what do we do? As your stylist friend, Wink n Pout helps you out!

  • We give you 5 affordable looks for each body-type. The looks are:
  • Comfortable to sit-in, move around and eat-in. In fact you can eat pretty much to your content.
  • Dressy enough to count as holiday outfits, since you don’t want to turn up too casual. It pretty much conveys to the host that you hardly put in an effort and may as well have stayed home. We don’t want the kind host thinking that now do we?
  • Complete with outerwear options, so that you have absolutely no trouble in just putting your coat on and hurry for your house hopping. BTW if you are house hopping for the first time, we love these etiquette tips.

Sporty Ruler’s Thanksgiving Outfit
No curves no problem! You hardly need them today. We say channel slight androgyny with boyfriend jeans. But make up for it with a sequin tank and a blazer with a beautiful necklace. Wear metallic oxfords and stay comfortable. While heading out you can throw over an animal print coat and belt it up.
outfit-thanksgiving-RulerBlouse • Jeans • Blazer • Shoes • Necklace

Hourglass’s Thanksgiving Outfit
Let’s get a little relaxed here and not emphasize on the waist with belts today. After all, you are going to be eating a lot. Instead wear a navy jumper with cute bow detailer chambray shorts and navy leggings. Add some bling with encrusted ballerinas and a silver necklace. For your coat, add a dash of color and trend with pink.
Outfit-thanksgiving-hourglassSweater • Shorts • Leggings • Shoes • Necklace • Coat

Apple’s Thanksgiving Outfit
You are in luck because you have beautiful shapely legs. We recommend a pair of faux leather leggings to leverage that and an emerald green long shirt to stay comfortable in. Add a statement collar necklace for drama and embroidered moccasins for your feet. Add a grunge-chic vibe with your outerwear.
Outfit-thanksgiving-AppleBlouse • Leggings • Necklace • Shoes • Coat

A Pear’s Thanksgiving Outfit Idea
We recommend a black maxi skirt that fits at the right places, is slimming yet shows off the curves. The zipper detail is gorgeous and the slit shows off your baroque tights inside. Pair them with a lurex jumper and a belted fur vest. When heading out add a black coat, just over the shoulders if you feel warm enough or worn unbuttoned.
Outfit-thanksgiving-PearSequin Jumper • Vest • Skirt • Tights • Shoes • Coat

Inverted triangle’s Thanksgiving Outfit Idea
For you we recommend playing up on your asset of shapely legs, by wearing printed slim pants. On top pair a graduated jumper in light salmon color and add holographic accessories for maximum effect. While heading out wear a deep salmon coat.
Outfit-thanksgiving-inverted-triangleJumper • Trousers • Necklace • Brogues Or Heels • Coat

We really hope this guide was a great help to all you women out there. If you have any more questions, you can leave them below. Also, for outfit suggestions that flatter for your figure, not just on thanksgiving, but every occasion – download the Wink n Pout app.


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