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Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas for Young Moms (Dress that tummy in style)

We are pretty excited about Thanksgiving. You can see that from our series dedicated to so many aspects of Thanksgiving. But today, our post targets a special segment – the young mom. A lot of Wink n Pout users are young moms and this article was long in the pipeline by virtue of popular requests. So, today is the day!

So if you have just had a kid, or it has been a little you would know that we all feel uncomfortable with our body post-pregnancy. It is a roller coaster ride, you first get used to the bump and then what is left behind. And then, you have to re-think how to style your body and look good. Well, guess what this post answers the questions about how young moms can dress really stylish as well. So read the post and get your swag back!

For a young mom, the thanksgiving outfit needs to be:

  • Stylish, so that you feel happier about your body and hence ultimately are merrier during the holidays.
  • Need to camouflage that tummy without making you look baggy or adding extra pounds.
  • Sans too many accessories that your little one can pull on, we all know that often comes in the way!
  • Quick – that is a huge quality since with our babies around, the amount of time we can spend in dressing up reduces considerably. Hence the outfits are easy to put on quickly.
  • Comfortable length, as you will have to attend to your little one quite often.
  • Last but not the least, comfortable footwear, a tired mom has a hard time handling a kid right?

Apple Shaped Young Mom Thanksgiving outfit
Your already rounded middle, may have grown in size but of you play up your assets, you have nothing to worry about. This dress fits lovely on your bust and draws attention to the top. The rest will flow easily down your body and the gathers will cover it all for you softly. The dress shows off your legs, which are an asset again. Accessorize with an interesting pair of stud earrings and a pair of golden kitten heels.

Dress • Coat • Shoes • Earrings

Hourglass shaped young mom thanksgiving outfit
If you are an hourglass, you can embrace a V-neck line even now, reducing any extra pounds visually while still being sexy. The dress is fitted under the bust but flares out wherever you need camouflage. The autumn print helps too, as well as looks beautiful. Wear a two tone coat, gold toe ballerinas and a nice watch to go with your dress. 

Dress • Coat • Ballerinas • Watch

Sporty Ruler Shaped young Mom Thanksgiving Outfit
There is hardly a woman out there, who does not look and feel sexy in a good animal print. So, let’s use that to our leverage with a shift dress, which does not require deep curves at all. For added drama pair it with tall boots and throw on a deep purple coat, it will look awesome! 

Dress • Coat • Boots

Inverted Triangle Shaped Young Mom Thanksgiving outfit
As a young mom, shirt dresses are a great investment. Instead of a plain one, we picked a black and white floral one without sleeves. It shows off your shoulder line and also proportions your body with slight A-line. Wear sheer tights in black as well as statement wedge shoes, but don’t forget a leather jacket!

Outfit-options-for-Inverted-triangle-shaped-young-momsDress • Jacket • Tights • Shoes

Pear Shaped young mom Thanksgiving Outfit
Being a pear, your weight is already on the thighs and hips. Add to that the tummy, and you would not to add any volume to your bottom half. We solve that with this dress. The ruffles on the sleeves and front balance your proportions. The dress does not add volume to the bottom but the drapes are good at some camouflage. The belt really holds it all together, but you can always wear it without the belt or add a really sleek one from your own collection! 

Dress • Coat • Ring • Heels

We hope the Wink n Pout stylists were able to help all you young moms out there. You are super beautiful, and you should love your body, even now, especially now! More power to you and big thank you this thanksgiving for bringing lovely people in the world!


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