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How to: Dress for Flabby Arms (Outfit Ideas)

Can Flabby arms be dressed fashionably? Are there some particular kind of garments you should be favoring? Well, the answer is yes and you should read on if you complexed of those bingo wings.

Flabby arms are not necessarily a feature of older women, even though it is common. But a lot of mothers have them and regular to plus –size women can have them as well. The amount of flab and most importantly how comfortable you are with your flaws will decide which of the following ways you chose. But before we begin, we have to tell you that the following tips will only work well when you are dressing keeping your body-type in mind as well. Links to dressing tips for each body type are present at the bottom of this article.

Sheer/ Lace sleeves
Lace and sheer are pretty strong trends even this season. Instead of thinking of covering up your arms with full sleeves all the time, you can opt for sheer sleeves or lace sleeves instead. You can go as delicate as you like and translucent as you prefer. This way your arms are not bare and not covered either. Just the right balance!
And just in case you wish your favorite sleeveless dress had lace sleeves, Mark n Spencer heard your prayers last season. Read about it

3/4 Quarter sleeves
Now, onto sleeve length – While full sleeves are not workable for all seasons, quarter sleeves or those ending just above the elbow work pretty well. Quarter sleeves work for you because even if your arms are flabby, below the elbow your arms will be always comparatively thinner. And just like hemlines that end at mid thigh, take attention onto that area – the same holds true for sleeves. Also, worth noting that cutout shoulders are something that can flatter you.

Flutter Sleeves
Remember flutter sleeves or flute sleeves are not the same as having ruffles on your shoulders. If the ruffles end mid-arm above your elbow, it is one of the worst possible styles for you. Take flutter sleeves that are longer and cover the area that needs camouflaging.

Cut-away necklines
So, you may be wondering that since I have flabby arms, do I not wear sleeveless garments at all? Our stylists say you definitely can. But these sleeveless tips are not magic-wands and they won’t make your flabby arms toned. What they will do is simply make them look slimmer by taking attention elsewhere.

So, yes onto the cutaway neckline. If you wear deeper cuts that expose your shoulders, your arms visually look longer plus shoulders is where the attention is now. For the very same reason, halters will as well.

One shoulder neckline
This neckline works for you due to the same reason of highlighting the shoulders. But both of these sleeveless ideas will only work if you embrace your body 🙂

Boleros/ jackets/wraps
What happens when you are wearing a sleeveless dress and want to cover up those flabby arms? You absolutely love that dress and don’t want to get out of it. Simply add a bolero, short jacket or a shawl/stole. This video is excellent to tell you how to put a shawl on for an evening out without making your dress loose the charm.

Cuffs, Bracelets, watches
This addition is another way to take attention off those flabby arms. By decorating your wrist, which is the slimmest part of the wrist, with watches, bracelets and cuffs.

And while we have explained the things you should wear, there are also some styles to steer clear from. Amongst them half sleeves and cap sleeves that end right at your flabbiest part are a strict no. Also, add to the unflattering list – bold horizontal stripe prints on your arms.

Quick fixes
While wearing sleeveless dresses, there are other fixes available which go beyond wearing certain styles only. The quick fix is tan and makeup. This article here outlines this option of fake toned arms really well!

So that ends our guide to dressing flabby arms in style. And about the body shapes we talked about in the start – know your shape and read the article that concerns you!

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