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How to wear Skinny Jeans for Curvy Women

Are you a curvy woman, and just for the record you can be curvy at any size. Yes, even curvy is a wide spectrum of women sizes. But being curvy are you mislead by the name skinny jeans? Let’s break the myth.
Skinny jeans are not meant for skinny women only. In fact, if you go talk to a super skinny girl she will tell you that it makes her feel even skinnier and hence it may not be her favorite pair. So clearly, skinny jeans were not aptly named we feel.

As for the question of a curvy woman of any size wearing them, we say it is very much possible with the right styling (just like any other garment right) So what should you keep in mind? How you should go about styling skinny jeans for your curvy body? We explain with pictures with some of the best dressed curvy women out there!

Color, Wash and fit of skinny Jeans
While talking about skinny jeans, the first thing that is relevant to be discussed is the kind of skinny jeans which will work for you the best.

  • Look for jeans in dark colors with minimum or no whiskers. A little torn here or there works but crazy washes will not be for you in most cases.
  • But, that said can you not wear color at all? You can! But when buying color stick to basic and make sure the hem is not too fitted at the ankles. Just taking care of this little detail will balance your proportion better.
  • Also, skinny jeans does not mean tight jeans. It should fit well period. Too tight at the waist will give you a muffin top that no-one needs or wants. But if it fits well over your curves and loose at the waist, you can take it in with the help of a tailor.



Tops and Blouses with Skinny jeans
When wearing skinny jeans, the rule for the top is volume. But the amount of volume is really important. See some options below that work very well.

  • Try wearing your skinny jeans with a regular-fit button down in cotton, denim, printed – sky is the limit. We love the necklace she is wearing along as well, in the picture.
  • A sweatshirt! Some days we all feel very casual. That is the day when your skinny jeans and sweatshirt will work well together giving you good visual balance.
  • An anti-fit cocktail blouse, because they with their texture or prints maintain enough visual interest to pull off the fit.
  • You can also opt for blouses with an empire line, defining the bust but a fabric like georgette which flows over your curves well.
  • A peplum is also a great choice with your skinny jeans. Visually it defines your waist but your bottom does not look overwhelming due to the flare.



Outerwear with Skinny jeans
So once we have set the rules straight for the tops or blouses, let’s talk about some outerwear that work very well.

  • Try a long cardigan, it can be skimming over the curves
  • A similar effect but with more drama can be achieved with a long draped shrug.
  • If your blouse hits just below the widest part of your hips, it is long enough to be sported with a cropped jacket.
  • Colorful blazers are lovely to have fun with your skinny jeans look. You can try printed and brocade ones as well.


Accessorizing with Skinny Jeans
While your bracelets and necklaces are great accessories to add to any outfit including the skinny jeans, but there are some accessories that change the look of skinny jeans in a flattering direction.

  • Add a belt! Simple as that. The volume of your blouse may seem a little too much for your taste and may be weighing you down. Turn that feeling around with a belt.
  • Adding boots also adds a unique visual interest to your skinny jeans outfit. If you are taller, with long legs wearing boots in a different color will be good for you. In case you are a curvy petite, either wear boots of the same color or similar.




Feeling more confident about wearing a pair of skinny jeans now even with a curvy body? Our work is done and we say more power to you 😀


7 thoughts on “How to wear Skinny Jeans for Curvy Women

    My mother is a short plus sze woman. She is a lovely woman. (looks like barbara bush) But hard to get out of the older fashion statements.
    Larger women should never be ashamed to wear in style clothing! never! I love how you have paired color with skinny jeans. I love the rule of thumb which I tell my mother, in style fashion is good with…”less is always more” with a plus size figure. It looks like that is what you have done here…(I think)

    BTW- I downloaded your APP!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Can/May I pass this around? I would love to blog about it…
    Thanks for your hard work!

    • Thank you so so much Lisa ! We can’t tell you how glad the team was to read your comment 🙂 Very glad that you loved the app, it would be awesome if you choose to blog about it 🙂 In fact, any suggestions that you or any of your readers may have are deeply welcome !

      And as far as dressing plus-sizes is concerned we will have to agree with every bit of what you said, don’t be afraid of being fashionable and yes in most cases less is more. But fashion, as it is, is so diverse that we have seen very boldly dressed plus sized women (think two prints together in bright colors) and look fabulous!

      • WELL THEN…WINK WINK…look out in the days to come….I will let you know! I ahve already shared it with a dear friend of mine. She is (sorry-a retired) airline attendant and a very classy oneat that! Sometimes it is nice to see pieces put together that you wouldnt normally place together. THAT IS SO ME! I dont want to be someone who sees myself on the other side of the street…LOVE IT!

  2. You are far too kind Lisa!! Very very grateful 🙂 And we totally get what you mean.. excited to see your friend’s style now!! Does she happen to have a blog? Or is she featured on yours ? We would love to know 🙂 Plus keep it up… we are so very proud of you Lisa.. !! Lots of love to you!

  3. Thanks for the article! Some years ago I used to love skinny jeans, but I usually paired them with T-shirts. Eventually I got bored of T-shirts and I also put on 6 kg and I stopped wearing skinny jeans. Now you showed me I can totally rock them, without sticking to only dark wash jeans.
    I have only one question: My thighs are big but my calves are thin and toned, and my waist is thin, but I have extra fat in the abdomen-lower belly. I preffer stiff and non strechy fabrics, because they make my feet look more toned, and I prefer the waistband to be exactly under the belly button. Even though my pants fit when I’m standing, when I sit down, my belly protrudes over the jeans and I feel really self conscious about it. If I buy one or two sizes bigger jeans, my belly does not protrude, but then they sag in the croch. What do you suggest? What kind of fabric, what size and what kind of waistband could fit me better in skinny jeans? Please answer!

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