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T-shirt shopping guide for Fall/Winter

You must be thinking who needs a t-shirt guide? And that too for winters anyway. You buy t-shirts without even thinking sometimes – you just pick them up. After all what is there to think? It is only a t-shirt… or is it?

What makes Wink n Pout post this guide at this time of the year is the simple logic that winters are for layering. And once you see the street style pictures below, you would know that t-shirts can be so important to layering. Even in Fall/winter t-shirts can become one of the central pieces in a look.


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So whether your t-shirt will peek through a cardigan or from inside a coat or you choose to wear it with something warm underneath, there are a few directions that you can take while buying a t-shirt this season.  The best part? This guide will definitely help you out in spring as well. Think of it as a t-shirt’s essential guide. You can add at least one t shirt from each type to your wardrobe.

Printed t-shirts are a great way to add some fun to your winter wardrobe (and spring later). Most people tend to go for black and grey in winter and hence a print is a great choice to break monotony. They can be fully visible from under a jacket or peek through only slightly.

Pop Art • Snake Print • Paisley • Floral • Photographic print

While buying a t-shirt you can also invest in different textures for added interest in your look. Why buy only jersey? Get creative with leather (or PU), denim, embellished, lace or sequins. You can also look out for a fur tee if you find one, how cool would that be?
Lace • PU(Leather) • Embellished • Denim • Sequin

Comfort and warmth
Quite the obvious one for winters buy t-shirts that are cosy, warm and comfortable. We have a selected some great long sleeve ones, and even one with a turtle neck. All great for fall layering.

Raglan • With Pocket • Stripes • Turtle neck • Purple

Solids Colors
Solid color t-shirts are another essential. They look good with denim but great with your printed jeans, jeggings or skirts. They are easy to pull-off by almost anybody because not everyone is awesome at matching prints with prints. And one tip, add colors beyond the basic black and white.

Blue • Oxblood • Neon • Orange • Satin Green

Crop Top
As you may have noticed in a picture above, crop tops are not just for spring summer. In winters, layer them over button downs or even certain cardigans for a great look. The good thing is, a toned mid-riff is not a requirement here.

Glam Slam • Leopard Print • Embellished turtleneck • Floral • Checks

Oversized tees are great for winters for certain reasons. You can wear warm layers inside and even sweaters and jumpers if the silhouette is right. They look great with leggings. And you can complete the look with a leather jacket if you like.

Up Yours • Color block • Black • Purple • Leopard Sleeves 

So the fit that flatters you can vary with your body shape. Yes, even in t-shirts. And by that we mean, there are certain fits that will look fantastic on you. So what are some pointers? See Below.
Inverted Triangle • Hourglass • Pear • Apple • Ruler

So, ready to rock you t-shirts this fall/winter? We are sure you can because you are fabulous!


2 thoughts on “T-shirt shopping guide for Fall/Winter

  1. It is probably not a surprise that I LOVE t-shirts and am always looking for ways to jazz up a t-shirt and jeans, but these tops are spectacular! Thank you for sharing, you are always finding the best hot fashion items!! 🙂

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