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The Button Down Shirt Guide: Fall/winter

Yesterday, we talked about T-shirts and today it is the button down shirts being worn in winter with style. So what is our stylist’s motive behind this? We want to make sure that all the Wink n Pout app users and readers can look stylish this fall/winter using a few basics.

A button-down shirt is of course one of those basics. They never go out of style; you can invest in as many as you like and wear them year round. Wardrobe staples that can be worn year round sure deserve to be written about just like current trends do. So how do you style a shirt in winters? We show you how with a few curated street style pictures!

Let you button down shirt stand out, let it be the central piece or form an important visual focus in your outfit. You can wear the same color top to bottom and contrast the color of your shirt! Here are some great examples of the contrast shirt done in style.

Go Prints!
Spice up your winter basics with printed shirts peeking through the neckline or even sleeves. If you feel like it, mash up with a printed pair of pants as well. It will surely create a fun outfit for the cold instead of a boring one. 


Denim is the deal
Denim shirts work every time. If you don’t own one, you definitely should get it. You can let your collar show through from under a sweater or get creative and wear it over a sweater, only with a few top buttons buttoned. 



Shirt with sweater
Sweaters over button-downs have been ruling every fall/winter season for a while, to the point that it is a classic statement. But wearing your shirt and sweater with only jeans and leggings, you can try skirts as well. Also, feel free to cover up the neck with a scarf and let the shirt only peek through the hemline of the sweater. 


You can accessorize your shirt in great ways in winter. Use a bow, a statement necklace or a pretty brooch.


All that said, all those tips, here is our shopping list for some great button-down shirts out there! Which one is your pick?



PolkasChecksLeopard CollarFloralThe greenPinkPrinted whiteDenim


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