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3 ways to wear an LBD for all body shapes

The little black dress is a classic. From a formal event to attending a party during the holiday season, the LBD actually is your best friend. It is versatile and hence an investment. You can wear it for several seasons; just styling it differently as per season’s trends and it is refreshed.

But just like any other dress, even an LBD needs to flatter your body shape. In fact, seeing its versatility it is all the more important that you find a perfect LBD that accentuates your positive points and makes you look good. Hence, because of the importance of the LBD, in this post we lay out a guide for every body shape; and possibly every occasion as well. So the Wink n Pout stylists tell you how to wear your LBD in the day, to a party as well as a formal evening occasion.

LBD for Inverted Triangle
As a woman with broad shoulders and a thinner body below the waist, you can show off your shoulders with a one shoulder dress but balance with a relaxed silhouette and slight volume in the skirt.

The Dress

Look 1 • Day LBD look for Inverted Triangle
For the day, add a casual touch to your LBD by adding colors. Keep your footwear casual like these sandals and definitely add a handbag.
Shop Here – Sandals • Watch • Bag


Look 2 • Formal Evening LBD look for the Inverted Triangle
For a formal event, wear a pair of encrusted earrings, add a belt to your waist and wear embellished heels.
Shop Here – Earrings • Heels • Belt



Look 3 • Party LBD look for Inverted Triangle
For going out to a party, add black and gold necklace but not a huge one. Finish with black gold heels and gold clutch.
Shop Here – Necklace • Heels • Clutch

LBD for Pear Body Shape
As a pear, when wearing an LBD the color automatically slims you down. But since the color will slim you down all over, you need to add volume at the top. Ruffles are a great way to grab attention and balance your curves.

The Dress

Look 1 • Day LBD Look for the pear
Define that waist with a bright belt and complete the look with nude wedges and bag.
Shop Here – Belt • Shoes • Bag


Look 2 • Formal Evening LBD Look for pear
For an evening look add black earrings and maintain focus around your face and shoulders. Complete the look with lace pumps and a black clutch.
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Look 3 • Party LBD Look for a Pear
Have fun with your look and add a red necklace and match your shoes. Also, define your waist with a belt.
Shop Here – Necklace • Heels • Belt


LBD for Sporty Ruler
Given the lack of curves, add the illusion of them with a V neck (it narrows the waist) and opt for a peplum silhouette.

The Dress

Look 1 • Day LBD look for Sporty Ruler
Add floral prints to your LBD with shoes and a bag during the day. Add a long necklace to complete the look.
Shop Here – Shoes • Necklace • Bag


Look 2 • Formal evening LBD look for Sporty Ruler
Add a thin chain belt to your waist to visually create curves further. Add a gold watch and a pair of classic pointed pumps to the look.
Shop Here – Belt • Heels • Watch


Look 3 • Party LBD look for Sporty ruler
Now to transform the very same LBD add trendy holographic accessories to it. Don’t forget your statement earrings.
Shop Here – Heels • Clutch • Earrings

LBD for Hourglass
As a hourglass, your waist is a great asset. Accentuate it by wearing a belted LBD. Also, a sweetheart neckline is a very flattering on you.

The Dress

Look 1 • Day LBD look for Hourglass
Wear your basic black ballerinas with the dress and add a statement printed tote. Match your watch with the tote.
Shop Here – Sandals • Bag • Watch


Look 2 • Formal Evening LBD look for Hourglass
For the evening, add your gold earrings, but be bold with animal print shoes. Keep the bag clean and classic.
Shop Here – Earrings • Shoes • Bag


Look 3 • Party LBD look for an Hourglass
Get your bling on for party look. Add a black and gold necklace, gold heels and even have a phone cover on a similar theme. The devil is in the details.
Shop Here – Necklace • Shoes • iPhone cover


LBD for an Apple
As an apple, you need an LBD which doesn’t emphasize your mid-section and has enough give. So we choose a pleated version, and with a lattice yoke which takes attention to the face and shoulders.

The Dress

Look 1 • Day LBD look for an apple
Add black and white wedges to your dresses, and keep the color combination while choosing a tote and the watch.
Shop Here – Wedges • Bag • Watch


Look 2 • Formal Evening LBD look for an apple
For a formal event, pair your dress with a cut work heels that are equally feminine. Go all black with an interesting clutch and watch.
Shop Here – Heels • Clutch • Watch


Look 3 • Party LBD look for an Apple
When party is on your mind it is only fair to add statement accessories. We love the combination of black of orange.
Shop Here – Heels • Clutch • Ring


Did you find an LBD to suit your shape?
Are you inspired to accessorize your LBD differently for various occasions?
Tell us in comments below.



5 thoughts on “3 ways to wear an LBD for all body shapes

  1. Wow, I love ALL of those LBD’s and the various styling options! I have to admit that I have a couple black dresses, but they tend to sit in my closet waiting for an appropriate occasion. I might just have to change that! 😉

    • Oh if you can do that Kristi… well this post is definitely a success for us! black dresses can be versatile but each one of us forgets that! But you are lucky you have so many 🙂 Happy Dressing!

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