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21 ways to Style a Leather Jacket

Just like many staples that we have been talking about lately, the leather jacket will never go out of style. But the problem with staples is, sometimes we equate them with boring and many a times style them in the same way for years. Re-inventing the staples with current trends is what can keep it refreshed.


So are ready to take a fresh look at the leather jacket? We are sure there will be some street style pictures here that you would love to replicate or twist them with your own style and sport in real life. So, let the leather jacket do more for you! You can try it over lace, add sequin accessories, make a colorful summer outfit work for fall with it, or even wear two leather garments together!



#1 Lace + Leather Jacket: Whether it is a lace blouse or a lace gown, contrast the femininity with a leather jacket.

#2 Tie a shirt: What more can you add to your basic outfit of skinny jeans, jersey top and leather jacket? Tie a button down shirt around your waist, preferably a plaid as it is rocking for fall. Choose a fabric like georgette if you do not wish to add a lot of volume around your bottom and yes dress according to your body shape!

#3 Oversized leather jacket + Sweater: If you do not own a leather jacket that fits, wearing it over a jumper will pulling up the sleeves slightly will give off a cool vibe.

#4 Add some sequins: The two aren’t the most obvious of partners, but whether you add a leather jacket to sequin blouse or add a sequin clutch, you would love this new found combination.

#5 Over a summer maxi: You can transition many pieces of your wardrobe into the new season. Try adding a leather jacket to your summer maxi dress or skirt.

#6 Color Block with your leather jacket: If you happen to own a leather jacket in a unique color, pair it with another contrasting color for some fun.

#7 Zip up and layer: Over leggings or jeggings, add a long blouse and zip up your cropped leather jacket for a great look.

#8 Add to a colorful outfit: Who says you only have to wear dull colors or darker hues in winter? Wear a bright colored outfit and subdue it with a black leather jacket.

#9 Go all black: Now this is something that works for almost everyone. All black with a leather jacket is a rather classic but hot combination.

#10 Wear with prints: Add your leather jackets over any and all bold prints, be it floral, geometric or animal print.

#11 Over the shoulders: Keep yourself warm with a sweater and beanie but wear your leather jacket over the shoulders, just in case it gets colder.

#12 Add a chunky scarf: Chunky scarves are truly a great accessory for winters. Add it over your basic look to complete it.

#13 Wear underneath a chunky cardigan: Instead of layering under, layer over your leather jacket with a cardigan.

#14 Leather on leather: Yes, it does work. The picture speaks for itself. The leather skirt and leather jacket work together, because another color and fabric is added to break the monotony.

#15 Two colors of leather: This might come as a surprise to many of you as well. But by adding a neutral color in between and remembering that a long dress goes with crop jacket, you can pull this look off as well.

#16 With a peplum blouse: Don’t stop wearing your peplum blouse just yet. Add a cropped leather jacket to it to update it for the season.

#17 With Colored Pants: You ask are colored pants still hot? They can be paired with your classic leather jacket.

#18 Leather Jacket over Midi Skirt: Style your midi skirt with leggings and boots (or classic ballerinas if you prefer) and add a leather jacket!

#19 High Contrast: Match your accessories and shoes with your leather jacket and wear a bright colored dress for a high contrast fall look.

#20 Full Skirts: With a full feminine skirt, a cropped leather jacket will provide a unique contrast.

#21 Distressed Denim: Whether it is your torn denim skirt or jeans, a leather jacket is a classic rebellious pair up for it.

So what do you think? How do you like to wear your leather jacket? Leave a comment below!


12 thoughts on “21 ways to Style a Leather Jacket

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  2. Leather jacket have long been a popular style for many reasons. For one, they are generally expensive and considered rather exotic, hence they are a symbol of wealth and status.Your published really very fantastic and I will come to you and will see more designs to add to my collection.

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