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Tall Girls Talk: Are High Heels for you?

Today, we welcome all you tall girls and tall women out there to come and have a chat right here. Let’s talk about the issue that concerns us all. Are high heels for you? This is the sort of question that will cause anxiety to many and cause many to think yes, why not what’s the big deal? What is clear is that opinion is divided, even amongst tall women themselves, in the people that surround you and in men as well.

But, where is opinion not divided? There are always two sides of the coin right? The world has always taught you how to dress or not dress. The world tells women they are too fat or they are too thin. The world tells women they are too short or too tall. So, who do you listen to? It’s your feet, you heels, your life… If wearing that pair of high heels makes you happy then that is what you should do!

Ok let’s do an experiment.  Look at our favorite heels below. And just be honest about how you feel looking at them. Do you want them or not? If you let go of all your insecurities or social norms, then will you wear them or not?



Red and gold • Black and Pink • Wedge Booties • Animal Print Booties • Loafers • Silver Heels

If your answer is yes then you should be wearing those heels right now! But wait, how can we say that before listening to all the doubts in your head? Shoot!

Will I look like a human lighthouse?
No. You will still look very much like a human, because YOU ARE! In fact you would look like a model. Embrace that as a gift. Many of us want to be you.

Am I not tall enough, already?
What is tall enough?? 6’2? So that means the girl who is 6’4 should spend her whole life feeling too tall? No! We all should feel absolutely perfect. And because we are all individuals, let’s not act like a mass.

Will guys still like me?
Those who wouldn’t and are intimidated by how tall you are, are not worth your time anyways. You need and will find a guy who finds you attractive with or maybe even because of your height.

But what about all the short people, I feel uncomfortable with them. They stare.
Oh dear. That is your issue. You should work on getting comfortable in your skin. That’s the only skin you have and the fact is not going to change. So you as well be proud of it, instead of hiding it. Read about Lindsay Kay Hayward and it may inspire you.

All that said, now we just want to state two facts. One, heels is not only about looking taller. It instantly instills confidence in you. If you are wearing the right size and comfortable in them, they will do something magical to your walk. So, heels are pretty much about confidence as well.

Second, a lot of garments will look way better if you wore heels. You spend your hard-earned money on buying your favorite dress but will not completely do justice to it by opting for flats for whom? Society? See these starts below, who are very well tall but wears heels and flats both with confidence. Who says you are not one of them?



How to start wearing High Heels?
So now that we have you convinced how to start? Here are some pro-tips.

  • Start with little, with what you are comfortable with. You can choose a kitten heel, block heels or wedges.
  • Make sure to get a beautiful first pair. The best you can afford. That way you would want to wear them even more.
  • Surround yourself with inspiration of tall women. You can look at celebs like above and repeat to yourself, that you can wear heels too. Here is a great slideshow.
  • Wear your first heels first, around people you feel are encouraging. Your close friends or other tall people. That will instill you with the confidence you need.
  • No matter what you do, don’t slouch. Own your height. Slouching makes you look unattractive at any height.

If you are a tall woman reading this, share your experience and thoughts below on the issue of high heels! Well, actually any woman or man can leave comment 😉


6 thoughts on “Tall Girls Talk: Are High Heels for you?

  1. So I’m a tall girl and my friends always hate it when I wear high heels because I look way taller than them and it really bothers them for some reason. I still wear them though, because I love them! I’m actually looking for blue ones. Don’t let people make you feel uncomfortable about the way you are! own the tallness.

  2. Let me just say that I love my height being 6’0” tall and for shot people male and female that cannot deal with the fact I am tall and love wearing very High Heels, (six inches), I say too damn bad! All my High Heels are at least six inches, I am blessed that I have perfect size seven-eight feet

    I love High Heels I love the feminine feeling combined with the power and allure they convey, its about both power and beauty and no woman should compromise on either one, enjoy it and use it.

    Walk with grace and confidence, anything men can do we can do better and in High Heels and look better doing it

    So, hold your head up high Camilla and if your friends hate it its simply because of jealousy with women and with men its usually because they are intimidated.

    Nicole Kidman said in an interview after her divorce from Tom Cruise, now remarried “I can finally live a normal life…I can finally wear High Heels again”

    Camilla… you go girl! Wear those heels and kick butt!

    • Wow! Thanks for such a passionate comment here ! And we love all women with a fierce confidence such as yours !!

      Loved your line ” Anything men can do we can do better and in High heels we look better doing it ” 🙂

      Lots of love and power to you!

  3. I am six foot and I wear heels all the time. In part because I am lucky enough to be able to wear them without discomfort, physically or emotionally. I don’t wear them to be/look taller. I wear them because some outfits look better with heels. So I wear heels.

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