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The Complete Guide to repeating Outfits


Repeat outfit offenders? Why is it even called that? We have to put it out there that repeating an outfit is no crime if done right. After all most of us do not have the wardrobe volumes of celebrities. In Fact Hollywood celebs and even the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton repeats her favorites from time to time. So we ask what is the harm in repeating? You invest time and money into buying your clothes and they deserve more than just one wear.


So today we give you tips on how to repeat your outfits successfully; and also some Don’ts that you can avoid. And while there will be women out there who think, nobody even notices if they repeat an outfit, and mostly who cares….we say use this article to maximize the potential of your wardrobe then! And also, since it is the Holiday season, this guide may prove more useful than ever to attend all the dinners and parties.


Do’s for repeating an outfit

Around different people
This is one of the most primitive rule out there. If you have to repeat the same outfit/look from head to toe, make sure it is around different social circles.

Vary the styling
The way you style your outfit is very important. For instance you want to repeat a blazer and you have already worn it with a white button and jeans. Next time around, replace all the other two with say a skirt and a blouse. Tada! You are now repeating in style.

Switch up accessories
This one holds essentially true for when you are trying to repeat a dress and do not wish to add any outerwear. Wear a different necklace or skip the necklace altogether and go for statement earrings instead. Also remember that scarves, hats and shoes are accessories too and hence switching them will create a huge difference.


Switch your hairstyle and makeup
Even if it is not a major difference, these details matter as well. A black maxi dress worn with open hair once and later with an intricate updo and red lipstick will feel and look different.

Solid pieces Vs Statement
It is obvious that solid colors can be repeated more often and easily than prints and statement pieces. So take care of this fact and before repeating your printed outfit, make sure there is a reasonable gap. And just so you know, ‘reasonable’ varies from person to person and wardrobe to wardrobe. Some women repeat clothes fortnightly and some not even for more than a month.

Different Occasion
There are a lot of garments that are versatile enough to be worn at different occasions. A blouse that works at work, may also work for the evening with say a sequins skirt. Too much work? 😛

Try different moods
Try switching up the mood of your garment. A white dress may be very ethereal and sweet worn as is on a summer day but become edgy when you add a leather jacket on top. So change the mood.

Maintain a record
If you are an organization enthusiast (we are!) you would love this tip. As soon as you buy a new piece, come home photograph it with the pieces you already own – styling them beforehand to save time later. So when the time comes you would already have a few looks ready to choose from, and hence making it easier to repeat if you feel like wearing the same shirt suddenly.

Use an app
Smart world, smart phone, smart apps. Use one. We recommend Stylebook. You can maintain and access your wardrobe digitally, create looks and mark it on calendar as well.

Change the buttons
A slightly tedious thing, but totally worth it. You can change the buttons of your shirt, coat or blazer to revamp it and repeat it with ease. You can also add a statement brooch. Our stylists have picked up this tip along the way and it really works.

Look at trends: New trends will always give you inspiration to wear your old pieces the new way, style it the new way. At our blog, you can find the newest of trends discussed with a guide to wearing it too. So, stick around

Staples first
If you don’t won all the basic staples then we recommend you invest in them first. Once you have them all, you would instantly see that the potential of your wardrobe to repeat in style has increased. If you need help on what are the must-have garments? Read Stay Stylish even with a Small Wardrobe

The photographs issue
The dawn of social media has brought forth a tiny problem. You photograph everything and post it online, or your friends do. In that case, it increasingly becomes difficult to repeat outfits without worrying. It does happen trust us! And though we would not say limit your use, we can only suggest that if you have a small wardrobe, and feel intimidated by posting pictures in same clothes online then have discretion, post only what is necessary. Though, this point is completely upto your personal choice.

Use Combinations
This is the last tip that we have for you on repeating your outfits. What we mean is, you can use a combination of the above tips to vary your outfits each day. The tips above aren’t exclusive to each other so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Don’ts for repeating an outfit

  • We know that we begin to love certain combinations, but don’t repeat an outfit head to toe just too often.
  • Use your discretion. If just to repeat your outfit, you style a certain garment in a way that it does not suit your body or lifestyle then it is worthless. Don’t restyle just for the sake of it. An outfit flattering you is a more important issue than not repeating, any day.

So that was a detailed guide from the Wink n Pout Stylists. And did you know that you could shoot questions directly to our stylists in our app? Try it! Download it!

And do share with us any more of your personal tips for repeating outfits below, in the comment section!

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