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Ladies, last minute holiday gift Ideas for your loved ones!


Holiday shopping is tough, we agree. So, there are no judgments from our side over your last minute shopping plans. Instead we are here to help you out sister. The curators at Wink n Pout have put-in some thought into some great last-minute gifts this holiday season.

And what’s more? We have gift ideas for everyone from your husband / Boyfriend, kids, parents to BFFs. And no we are not partial to women. We will help out the guys as well this time, so do check in tomorrow. Although, we have put together the best guide that we could, we want to mention that take into account what the person in question really likes or wants this holiday season, so use your discretion as well. It is great to see your dear one smile, right? So without much ado, here is our quick list!

Holiday Gift Ideas for your Husband or Boyfriend
• Even a gentleman possesses a boy’s heart. Symbolize it by gifting him sterling silver Super Man Cuff Links!
• If your husband is already into photography or maybe is looking for a new hobby, introduce him to lomography.
• Men and beer, while we do not wish to be sexist as a lot of women love beer as well, but for now let’s gift a beer cookbook to the husband. Another excuse for him to cook 😉


Cuff Links • Diana F + Instant Lomography Camera • Book

Holiday Gift Ideas for your Daughter or Niece
• Earphones are practically the new jewelry. Gift her a gorgeous pair!
• The harsh reality is, even young girls suffer from body image problem. Tell her the truth early on with this book, as what she imbibes right now may stay with her forever.
• A lip gloss set that she would love you for, get one!


Earphones • Lip Gloss Set • Book

Holiday Gift Ideas for your Son or Nephew
• While his lifestyle keeps him busy, and he is often on the go, help him keep his phone charged with this power battery.
• Who doesn’t like games and concerts? Give him a choice to choose with the ticketmaster gift card.
• As a parent / aunt, and mostly a woman introduce your young guy to feminism, through a book which is man to man. Great combination?


In Case Portable Power Battery • Book • Ticket Master Gift Card

Holiday Gift Ideas for your Mom
• There are chances that your mother already loves gardening or always wanted to. Gift her a gardening tool kit and some seeds.
• Get your mom a pair of beautiful classy earrings that she can wear with ease.
A warm shawl to keep her comfortable whenever she wants will be a much appreciated gift. 


Gardening Set & With Seeds • Classy Earrings • Woolen Shawl

Holiday Gift Guide for your Dad
• When is a good time to tell your dad you love him? Always, and especially over holidays. Gift him this art to remind him forever.
• Seriously, get him a silk tie!
• Or a classic chronograph. Whatever he would love more!


Art • Tie • Chronograph

Holiday Gift Ideas for your Girl BFF
• Since you are her BFF you understand the kind of emergencies she can be in. Gift her this awesome emergency kit that contains everything from hair spray to a tampon.
• Yes, we all lose umbrellas. But gift her a special one that she will be tempted to keep safe. The one that is storm proof.
• Gem bobby pins are a must-have for jazzing up any updo quickly. But chances are she doesn’t own them yet. 


Storm Proof Umbrella • Mini Emergency Kit • Gem Bobby Pins

Holiday Gift Ideas for Guy BFF
• Gift him a rather classy and work friendly laptop sleeve. He will thank you millions.
• Even guys love comfort, and of course you know that about your BFF. So get him cozy slippers.
• Or well, just a swiss knife suited to his lifestyle. Actually everyone needs this one. 


Laptop Sleeve • Cozy Slippers • Victorinox Traveller Lite Swiss Knife

Phew! Long list! But did it give you new ideas? Tell us below!

Also, since we are talking about everyone else.. let us talk about a gift for your own self as well. The best part, you can have it right now and it’s free… The Wink n Pout app! Download it and you say goodbye to dressing up hassles and learn to dress in a flattering-your-body-shape way.


2 thoughts on “Ladies, last minute holiday gift Ideas for your loved ones!

  1. Love this! There are some great ideas on this list – thanks for sharing!!! Now, when are you going to come out with your app for android??? I want that for Christmas, please!!! 😉

    • Awww… Thank you sooo much! You made us feel so precious 🙂
      You know what, It’s a promise, We will try our best to at-least launch a basic lite version!
      Ear to ear smiles here at our work place… You seriously made our day :*

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