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Guys, Here is Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for your dear ones!

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As we promised, this time around we will help the guys as well pick holiday presents. Choosing holiday is sure tough so we know you can use a guide. But just like our last post, this guide can help you pick last minute presents for your wife, son, daughter, mom, dad and even best friends.  The gifts vary in personality and price so choose the one that fits your and your recipient’s needs the best!

Holiday Gift Ideas for your Wife or Girlfriend
Chanel No 5 perfume: Maybe it is the aura surrounding it, or the history… but a lot of women have it on their wish lists, once in a lifetime. Brownie points for choosing a fashionable gift.
Couple Massage on a Gondola: Yes it can happen right in USA! You get to spend some unique time together and both of you get some much needed time-out. Basically you are gifting her and yourself together!
Marc Jacobs Holiday Set: It comes in a great bag and is a lovely goodie-bag gift.


Chanel no 5 perfume • Couple Massage on a Gondola • Marc Jacobs Holiday Set

Holiday Gift Ideas for your Daughter or Niece
Galaxy Gift Set: You must have seen her go crazy over Galactic print ( read leggings, dress, shorts etc.) If she was smitten by it, she would love this hair dryer, paddle brush etc. in a similar aesthetic.
Goldie Blox Toy: This works if your daughter is a little girl. But this toy revolutionizes girl toys and makes her take interest in science and technology. See this viral video and you would know.
iPhone Photo Printer: This one is super popular this holiday season and she would not even need a computer to print her pictures anymore.

Galaxy Set • Goldie Blox (if she a little girl) • iPhone Photo Printer

Holiday Gift Ideas for your Son or Nephew
Electric Shaver: Son hitting puberty? It is time to welcome him to be a man. This is the perfect gift then.
Skateboard: Of course get him a cool skateboard if he is into it. Or maybe get him because he always wanted to.
Book: Son is a sneaker fan and owns a lot of them? Time to educate him about all that sneaker history… he should know!

Electric Shaver • Skateboard • Book

Holiday Gift Ideas for your Mom
A day-off Gift Basket: Yes, your mom needs a day off and needs to indulge herself. Help her do that, remind her to do that.
Vintage Turn Table: Yes, she is thankful for her iPod, but who knows she would love nothing better to listen to music on a record to get nostalgic again.
Wine And Cheese Set: This one for your mom and her girl friends! They all will love you more for this.

A day off gift Basket • Vintage Style Record Player • Wine and Cheese Set

Holiday Gift Ideas for your Dad
Fishing Rod: This one hardly needs any explanation, and your dad would love that you care how he spends his time now.
Hammock: Seriously, complete his hammock dream already! And if he doesn’t have trees in his backyard, maybe get him a stand as well.
Pocket Square: He may not need to dress up a lot now, but whenever he does, help him to do it in style. You can also teach him to wear it with his regular shirts. Awesome statement!

Spinning Fishing rod •  Hammock • Pocket Square

Holiday Gift Ideas for your Girl Best Friend
Makeup Kit: Yes, of course you hardly know about makeup. But gift her this overwhelming set from Sephora if she is a makeup enthusiast, and thank us later!
Chrysler Book End: If she loves books and displays them around her abode, chances are she would love this as well.
LapDesk For tablets: This is one awesomely useful gift out there, and very thoughtful. 


Makeup Kit • Chrysler Bookend • LapDesk For Tablets

Holiday Gift Ideas for your Guy Best Friend
Charcoal Grill:
If he doesn’t have a BBQ already, give yourselves one more reason to hang out together.
Foosball Table:
Friends has truly immortalized it for all of us. So, get your very own!
Beer Treats:
Sure you love to have beer together, but usually order a pizza to go along? Do it differently this time around.

Charcoal Grill • Foosball Table • Beer Treats

So that completes our guide to last minute holiday gifts for all your loved ones. What do you think? Did you find anything worth your dollar?

Oh and just so you know, The Wink n Pout app is also an awesome gift… 😉 You can thank us later. Oh yes, and it’s free!


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