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Is overweight or underweight necessarily unhealthy?

Did you see an overweight person and think “oh they are so lazy, they should eat less and lose weight”? Or did you see an underweight person and your mind instantly told you “they are so weak, probably even anorexic, they should definitely gains some weight”

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If you often find your mind throwing those thoughts at you, well you are simply a majority of people all around the world. But hey, it is not your mind throwing thoughts at you but it is honestly our culture. We have heard these facts over and over again so much so that we can’t even pause to think. These reactions are the ones which have become natural. But is it true? Is being overweight or underweight truly unhealthy?

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If you read our blog or have used our application you would know by now that we are a body positive brand to its core. This value drives the whole team and hence our stylists went on to question the above stereotypes. Care to see what they found?

  • Naturally fat and naturally thin is a true concept. There had been numerous studies surrounding this topic and what becomes apparent is that you do have a natural weight that you gravitate towards. Your genes hold a lot of responsibility.
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) is not the only way to tell your health. That method essentially takes your height and weight into consideration and deems you healthy or unhealthy hence( actually underweight, normal weight or overweight, the relation to health is widely accepted but debatable through newer studies)
  • In fact there is an Edmonton Obesity Staging system that maybe more accurate in predicting how healthy or unhealthy you are.
  • What a lot of normal weight or even skinny people are not telling you is, they eat healthy and don’t exercise. Whereas, you will meet a lot of overweight people who would tell you they do these activities regularly.
  • Ask the underweight that it is as difficult to gain weight as an overweight person will accept is losing weight.

We do not claim to be experts on this topic, but from our findings it becomes clear that a slim person may not be the healthiest and the overweight not the unhealthy one. It really comes down to lifestyle, food and working out habits and of course the natural weight. But many of us choose to ignore such facts and instead focus energies on judging what or who is not “normal”

These facts really make us think. What about you? What is your point of view?

Further reading: Healthy obese and healthy fat cells.

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