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How to wear Denim for Evening/Party

Wearing denim in the evening may be seen too casual by many, but Wink n Pout stylists say it is one rule you can break with ease this holiday season or even otherwise. Some of you must be excited by now because who doesn’t love denim right? And some of you will be skeptical. So hey, let us put our point across.

But by denim, we want to include everything from a denim shirt, skirt, jacket to jeans. And if you see the pictures below of celebrities and street style mavericks, you would know that it can be done successfully.


So what did we learn from all of them? Let’s give you a few pointers.

Tips for wearing Denim in the evening
Mix it up with some bling read sequins, embellishments etc. Think gold, silver / even copper.
Bright colors and jewel tones and jacquards are a good way to go.
You can combine frothy tulle and frilly pieces with denim as well.
Stock up on accessories, they become really important with this look.
Don’t forget about putting on your ‘night’ lipstick.

Denim for Evening Looks
Try wearing your distressed denim skirt with a bright red button-down shirt tucked-in. Add a metallic blazer to it strappy metallic heels. Match your clutch with shirt in this look.

Denim Skirt • Shirt • Metallic Blazer • Heels • Clutch

Look 2 – This one is a double denim look, and highly infused with silver. So, pair up your sequined silver denim shorts with an embellished top. Throw a denim boyfriend blazer on top. For accessories, wear a silver necklace and silver heels.

Shorts • Metallic Blouse • Denim Blazer • Silver Necklace • Heels

Look 3 – This look proves that blue denim, gold and black is a glamorous combination when done right. Take your statement blue jeans and pair it with a sequined blouse tucked in. Add a black and gold belt, clutch and metal toe cap heels.

Blouse • Jeans • Clutch • Belt • Shoes
Do you wear denim for evening? How do you wear it? Tell us!!

And before you go…
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