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Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle + Hunger Games

Recently, the whole Wink n Pout team has found themselves fascinated by Jennifer Lawrence. The sequel of Hunger Games surely has to do a lot with it, and American Hustle looks so promising as well. We are smitten by both of her looks.

But there is something deeper as well. We are not just a fan of her performance and style but also a fan of what she talks about off camera. Don’t quite know what we mean? This is her quote.



And when you look at her images below, you might as well believe what she is saying. You see Jennifer being herself, and we respect that. So today we take up two looks from each of her movies and re-create them for you.


Clearly, she is not skinny. But to clear the air Wink n Pout supports all body shapes. But in an industry where a particular body type, shape or weight is deemed beautiful, the courage to be something different is what impresses us. So which are the two looks that we decided to feature? They are completely opposite from one another but equally great nonetheless. Find below.



The grey scarf in this look over the brown leather jacket has really got many a girls wanting the scarf. So we put together the look for you, so that you could be in Katniss’ shoes.



Leather jacket • Top • Jeans • Boots • Scarf

The original Katniss Cowl scarf is not up for sale yet, but will be soon. You can check this link to stay updated on that one. But for now, you can surely channel Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss character by throwing on a chunky knitted grey scarf instead.

So, this was the casual look and a tougher look. But next, Jennifer Lawrence is seen in a very sexy lady-like avatar in American Hustle. What interests us about her look is not only the clothes but also the hairstyle. And seeing from the few pictures available, before the movie is released, we can see that she sports this updo even in her casual clothes!



But the look we re-create is the one on the poster.



Gown • Coat • Earrings • Bracelet • Lipstick • Nail paint • Shoes

The look really just takes and ivory gown and a fur coat. The rest of the add-ons are simple as well. This look is great for a gala evening or a grand dinner that you might attend this holiday season. Make sure to choose the neckline and silhouette of the gown such that it flatters your body shape. If you are confused on that one, you can pick up cues from our post about LBDs

What do you think about Jennifer Lawrence? Have you seen the movie? Speak your heart out, below!

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2 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle + Hunger Games

  1. I love, love, LOVE Jennifer Lawrence, especially for her stance on creating positive role models for young girls with healthy self-esteem! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I am a big Hunger Games fan, either! 😉

    • Oh we love Hunger Games too 😀 😀 She was amazing! And she is great as a person, now isn’t she? To stick to one point of views and stay true to oneself isn’t an easy thing! We need more people to put more stress on healthy body image!

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