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3 ways to wear the leather pants

Leather pants is one of those trends that you either love or hate. But whichever side you are on, you sure can’t ignore the popularity that leather pants has seen in recent seasons, so much so that we wonder if it will become a classic like the leather jacket.

But while some of us may love leather pants on others, we may be fearful of wearing them. It highlights what we are conscious about, and faux leather creates a lot of lines. But here we tell you 3 ways to wear the leather pants. And if you can’t begin to start with a leather pants, try leather leggings or something with part leather panels first.

The Classic Way
Leather pants are pretty much like your regular pants but only edgier and kick-ass. So pair them with a blazer, with your blouses or even a leather jacket.

Go Color
This is the twist to your now ‘basic’ colored pants. Do you have what it takes to wear colored leather pants?

Slouch away
Now leather pants don’t always have to fit and become second skin. There is a slouchy variety (and wide leg, not skin tight) and when worn well, it looks super cool as well.

Do you own a pair of leather pants? How do you wear them?


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