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Winter White: Inspirations and Shopping List

Whoever thought white is the color of summer, seriously needs to take a look at this article and scrap the notion. White in winter looks lovely and if you are not wearing it, you are surely missing out on great style.

But how do you wear Winter White? Do you wear it head-to-toe or simply wearing a white shirt will do under your coat? We talk about all that, present some unique inspiration for winter whites but also have put together a winter white shopping list!

How to wear Winter Whites
#1 All White
It’s not really the easiest look to carry but definitely worth it as it is a sure-shot head turner.


#2 With Statement accessories
Winter white clothing is like a blank canvas. If you want a stark contrast, pair up a great statement accessory like a necklace or a clutch and watch its magnificent effect!


#3 White Outerwear
It is as simple as that – just add a white outerwear piece to your random outfit. And there, you have it, a winter white look!


#4 With Bright Colors
A stark contrast and an eye-catchy look, this one is not for the faint-hearted. But be it a bright dress or a bright colored button-down, pair it with your winter whites.


#5 White Beanies
If you are apprehensive of winter white, start small and wear a white beanie!


#6 Combine textures
If you are going for a full winter white look, add interest by playing with textures. An embellished separate with fur or cable-knit one with georgette, get creative.


#7 Go halfway
You can mix white separates with other colors as well and still qualify for winter white. How? Visually go halfway or more. 50% or more of your outfit should be white. To keep it easy, say you tuck in a white shirt with a black blazer and oxblood pants. That look will not have white in majority and hence, not quite look like a winter white look that you are hoping for.


#8 Printed White
The only way to channel a winter white is not plain white separates. You can choose printed white pieces as well for a similar effect. Just make sure white is still the dominant color.


#9 Pair similar Hues
You can pair light pastels, greys or even creams with your white separates.  It will create a great look pleasing on the eye.


Winter Whites Shopping List
Below are some white pieces hand-picked by our stylists, for you. Choose the one you love!


Floral Dress . Shift Dress . Fuzzy Sweater . Black and White Jumper . Sweater Dress. Veil Beanie . Fur Cardigan . Oversized Coat . Blazer . Embellished Beanie . Skirt . Maxi Skirt. Leggings

Do you wear winter White? How do you wear it? Leave a comment below!


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