3 Ways to wear

3 ways to wear the Pocket Watch


In the age of the wrist watch, who cares about the pocket watch right? If you are thinking that you are missing out on a wonderful accessory to set your look apart and throw in some vintage charm. And you can wear it three wonderful ways that will allow you to pull off the pocket watch for various occasions.

Like a necklace

With a beautiful dress or a crochet blouse wear your pocket watch necklace and make a statement. The engravings look beautiful and it can be a key piece in your look.


In your Jeans Pocket

It’s a pocket watch, use it that way. But give it a twist by wearing it with your casual denim and tee. You can let the chain hang there, outside the pocket. Or attach its one end to the belt loop as well.


The Classic Way

We love women in waistcoats. We even did a post about how to wear it in 3 ways. So what is the perfect accessory for your waistcoat look? You guessed it right. Attach it with your button or loop it through the button hole. You can also use a small safety pin to set it the way you like.



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