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Christmas Cheers : Red and Green Outfit Ideas

Red, green and white are the colors of Christmas (yes gold and silver too 😉 ). But before any of that, let’s talk about Christmas 🙂 Our Christmas will not be complete without wishing our family of readers and app users now will it be? So Merry Christmas all ya folks! We have nothing more but the best of wishes for all of you and deep seated gratitude! So thank you!

Now on to the article, shall we? Some people love to express the holiday season in their attire too. If you are one of them, this post is for you. You may want to wear a little red and green or go old with it. We have some hand-picked outfit inspirations for you!

So go red, go green, go white!

Red and White

We personally find this combination hard to pull off during the year because of its vivid resonance with Christmas. But for holiday time, it is our favorite go-to combination. Mixing two solid pieces is bold while adding a third color like black or even denim blue is less stark and easier to pull off for many.

red and white christmas outfit ideas 1

Colorful Christmas

Show your cheerful side this Christmas by wearing contrasting colors and hues together. Hot on our palette is mixing green with red or orange for a bold look or oxblood for a slightly subdues version. But one of the combinations that is both fresh and flattering is pairing up tomato red with shades of purple.

colorful christmas outfit ideas

Hint of Christmas

We love this one for the sheer ease of adding a holiday-touch to any outfit that your are planning to wear. It is as simple as adding a red or green scarf.

christmas outfit ideas subtle green and red scarf

With Prints and Patterns

Pair your solid Christmas-colored piece with anything from Briton stripes to camo. It is an interesting combination that sets you sartorially apart.

prints and patterns christmas outfit ideas

With Neutrals

Too much bright is not everybody’s cup of tea. You can tone it down by adding a neutral or simply use the neutral piece to tone down two brights.

christmas outfit ideas red and green with neutrals

With Black

Black is a classic and we swear by it any day. You do too right? And black with a bold color is a combination that will not let you down in the holiday season.

christmas outfit ideas subtle black red and green

Hopefully we served enough inspiration today to let you be happy this holiday season in style. But we want to know more than that. You can share your Christmas plans and excitement below! We would love to hear it all 🙂


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