200th Post : Big Thank you!

Yes we are that old now! Or rather we have grown so much. 🙂 Time truly flies by doesn’t it? From the time the Wink n Pout app was launched this year at the Apple Store, to now that we are taking baby steps into the Android market, it has been a wonderful journey up-till here.

It luckily coincides with our 200th post here! It has been only a few months since we made the big switch from Tumblr to WordPress, but we have found much love here. Truly, you guys have been wonderful. So what are we celebrating? Three things mainly!

1.This post right here is our 200th post!

The whole Wink n Pout team has always tried to churn out posts that could help both our readers and app users. But what keeps us motivated is the overwhelming response we get from all of you!

We wish to continue generating even better content, and if you would like to see any specific post here in the future, feel free to comment or even mail us at hello@winknpout.com

2. We are available on Google Play Store now!

We started with Apple App store but as the users grew, we have received requests to make a Wink n Pout app version available for their Android friends as well. But very recently, our beloved friend Kristi from Alligator Toe wanted the android version as a Christmas present. (Wow! The love) The whole team was floored and worked extra hard to prepone the launch of the Android version. So now you can download your own personal stylist here, and also please be patient with us while we make it better and awesome.

200th post

3. You guys love us!


Yes, last but not the least we are celebrating our relationship with each person who has used the app, recommended it or loved it. We are also celebrating all the bloggers and readers who spend their precious time on the blog. Without you both Wink n Pout could be nowhere. So we extend a big thank you to all of you for all your love! We only promise to give back a lot in return. 🙂

So these were reasons enough for us to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season even more. Tell us yours below!


3 thoughts on “200th Post : Big Thank you!

  1. Congratulations my sweet friends!!
    You deserve it! Applause Applause!
    Give yourself a big pat in the back for a job WELL DONE. BE PROUD of yourself. your work shows it.
    I am proud for you and of you. Proud to be a wink n pout app user/family and friend!
    Love to you all. May your New Years wishes all come true.

    • Thank you so so much Lisa! You are truly one of the nicest souls out there. And your support towards Wink n Pout and the whole team has meant more than we would be able to express! We are very glad to be associated with you! We only wish for the best for you and your family this Holiday season and the coming year 🙂


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