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Are you Holiday-Hating your Body?

Just in the middle of the Holiday season, so it feels like the right time to ask you… are you holiday-hating your body? Holidays are supposed to be about meeting family and friends, taking time out, celebrating and of course food. And most of us may not share an excellent reputation with the last one.

It is easy to see why holiday season brings about lots of fear of gaining weight, leads to body scrutiny (by your own-self and sometimes others) and guilty consumption of food. But we ask, does it have to be that way? Do you need all that body hate and insecurity in a season when you are ringing in the New Year and are supposed to merry instead? The answer is you don’t have to! It is a difficult choice to make and we agree easier said than done.

So how do you not holiday-hate your body? The Wink n Pout team got together just before we broke away for the season and we all contributed our two cents, based on personal experiences. So you are not alone, and these are some tips that work for our team.

Helpful Tips that work


# Don’t touch the weighing scale

“During the holiday season, I make sure my weighing scale is tucked away somewhere. Everyone gains a few pounds, I accept it. And for all the good food and company you get, it sounds ok too”


# Don’t listen to snide comments

“No, I don’t have the most perfect family and usually one Aunt or the other will comment about my body. I make sure I don’t pay much heed and go in front of the mirror and compliment myself instead. Or sometimes if that doesn’t work then I dwell on my husband’s compliments”


# Say thank you instead of counting calories

“ It is easy to look at turkey or pie let your train of thought be along the lines of how much calories it is. But I quickly snap out of it by thanking for the food, in my mind. I realize that everyone in the world sleeps with a full stomach”


# It is not the season of the fitted-dress

“I keep agony at bay consciously by not planning to wear my fitted-dress around the holiday season. This way I can eat easily, stay comfortable and save myself from any just-before-the-party sadness caused by not fitting well in your beloved dress.


# A mix of healthy and party food

“During the holiday season, I do not eat out otherwise. And the day I have to be in a party, I make sure I eat healthy through the day. I concentrate on soups, veggies and fruits but don’t starve”


#Make note of the compliments

“It might sound funny but this one works for me. I make a holiday note in my phone and each time I get a compliment, I jot it down. I also type the compliments that I want to give myself. Whenever I tend to body-hate, I go back and read it”

So, there it is our list of tips to NOT holiday-hate your precious body. Make them work for you, or share your very own in the comments below! After all, we did not have a sit-down with you, but the virtual sit-down begins now. So share your tips!


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