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How to Dress for a Skinny Body

Lately we have had a lot of talk about curvy women on this blog. But just to clear the air, we are not pro any particular size, we are pro women of all sizes and shapes and that includes the really skinny women as well.

Now, if you are not skinny yourself, you may be quick to assume that dressing up a skinny body type is easier than a curvy one so to say. But it can’t be farther from truth. And also, skinny women often face the prejudice that they maybe unhealthy or hear comments like, you are skinny and still you are complaining. All of which, we feel is pretty insensitive and sometimes hurtful. Hence, for a lot of reasons it was important to write this post!

Now, if you are a skinny woman, like all other women either you absolutely love being that way or you may feel insecure for your lack of curves and mass. At Wink n Pout we encourage you love yourself, but only give you fashion tips to look your best. And as a skinny girl, you can look good in both androgynous and feminine styles.

Tops and blouses for the skinny women

  • Some of the best necklines for a skinny woman are crew, polo, boat and cowl. Not to say, you can’t wear the others, you can pull off necklines which show your décolletage with relative ease as well. However, the slight V neckline can be the least flattering.
  • Pleats, gathers and ruffles are your good friends. The thing to remember here is proportion and amount, as it can easily overpower your small frame as well.
  • Button down shirts can be your staple, only remember not to wear the overly oversized. There is a fine line between the boyfriend shirt and the oversized shirt and it is important for you to know. You do not want to drown in your clothes.
  • Curved hemlines, batwing sleeves and breast pockets are other details to look for in blouses.
  • The peplum silhouette is great when you are looking to create some curves. And instead of low neckline peplum try a higher one as it fills up the bust visually.
  • Breton stripes are one of the classics that you can use to create curves. Vertical stripes however aren’t your best friend.
  • Also, remember to not go for super short sleeves like cap sleeves. It is more flattering to go sleeveless.


Red blouse • Sequin Cuff Blouse • Peplum • Breton Stripes • Cowl neck

Jeans and Pants for the Skinny Women

  • The skinny jeans are pretty much named after your body type and it surely means something. Yes, you can wear them but only when you don’t feel insecure about your legs (you shouldn’t). A trick to still appear fuller in skinny jeans is to opt for clever washes and light or bright colors. Also, contrast with a loose silhouette on top. In winters wear it tucked in with tall boots for adding visual mass.
  • Straight leg pants will visually look androgynous, if you are into that and the bootleg variety will create curves. Again, the proportion is important. If the width of the hemline is way too dramatic, it may not appeal so much aesthetically. Go easy on that.
  • You can carry off embellished pockets or slightly detailed ones at the back of your jeans with relative ease.
  • A good pair of wide leg trousers, which flatter your proportions, may also become a great weapon whenever you wish to appear fuller. Team it with the right button down blouse.


Grey washed jeans • Bootleg Jeans • Geometric Print Pants • Floral Pants • Wide leg pants

Skirts and shorts for Skinny Women

  • The idea of exposing your legs may or may not appeal to you a skinny woman (Yes, just like a curvy woman with meaty legs feel intimidated by the idea of short hemlines, some you skinny women too) Hence, this section is solely discretion based.
  • When wearing the skater skirt choose one with lesser volume as they tend to make legs look even skinnier. Also, a hemline ending mid-thigh can be more flattering than others.
  • The pencil skirt accentuates all the curves of your body and the lack therof. So for the skinny women with confidence, you can pull it off. Remember to get one which that tapers at the hem, as it creates a great visual illusion.
  • Midi Skirts work well too, but opposite to what we advice for everyone else, you want them to end at mid-calf where your legs are the thickest.
  • High waist shorts emphasize curves, so can be a great bet. Also, in denim shorts go bold and wear crazy washes and embellishments. You totally can!


Flared Hem Skirt • Velvet and sequin pencil skirt • Pleated Skirt • Printed Skirt • Midi Tartan Skirt

Dresses for Skinny Women

  • Shift dresses (think Twiggy’s) seem to be developed with your shape in mind. So go for them!
  • When you wish a more curvy appearance, look for the ones with cinched waists. For eg, skater dresses but again being conscious of not opting for a lot of volume.
  • Fitted dresses which widen at the hem are a good call.
  • Opt for texture details in your dresses, like lace, sequins, suede etc. instead of a basic plain dresses whenever you can.
  • Printed dresses are for you, think florals, Aztec and even geometric prints and horizontal stripes.


Drape front green dress • Floral Organza Dress • Lace insert dress • Red Maxi dress • Striped dress

Accessories for the Skinny Women

  • Chunky scarves are one of the things that will look great wrapped around your neck. But as everything else, don’t drown.
  • Tall boots, as we mentioned earlier are a must-have for you. Also, if you are shorter adding heels will let you channel a more modelesque figure.
  • Adding slightly chunky ( but not oversized) accessories on your wrists, like watches and cuffs is a good idea.
  • Belts to cinch the waist and hence create curves are good for you. Both the thin and thick variety.


Scarf • Boots • Belt

Outerwear for the Skinny Women

  • Layering done right creates a fuller look. So you should surely think about your outerwear from a barely there cashmere sweater to a leather jacket. At times, you can also simply add a button down over a fitted tank to make a look fabulous.
  • You can pull of boyfriend jackets and coats with relative ease in the right proportions.
  • Invest in long cardigans as well, as they most of the time may feel less overwhelming than coats.
  • When investing in coats, make sure it fits you well. Go oversized and you drown. That said, the oversized coat trend this season is workable with something NOT skin tight but snug underneath. But the shoulder seams should not be too far from their original place. Seek caution but sure go for it.
  • Cropped jackets should be your new best friend as they stop at the waist and help create curves.
  • Invest in a classic cut coats and a parka as well.


Long Cardigan • Boyfriend Blazer • Faux Leather Jacket • Cardigan • Coat

Color and fabric advice for Skinny Women

  • No matter how much you love black, it is not your most flattering color unless you are looking to slim down your already skinny self.
  • But mixed with other colors even black can do well. Color block fiercely and also give black and white together a shot.
  • You can pull of pastels, lighter colors of the spectrum as well as the brighter ones with ease.
  • In fabrics, avoid the overtly clingy ones and the very stiff ones as well. A balance and flow is your answer. So while a polyester with a lot of lycra my not be the best idea, chiffon, georgette or heavy weight crepe can be.

We saved the best news for the last. Since a lot of models and celebrities out there are skinny in today’s day and age and being skinny is quite coveted, you should not have trouble finding style inspiration for yourself at all. So use that to your advantage! And whatever you do, celebrate your body!

And before you go, don’t forget to get yourself the Wink n Pout app !

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