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14 Fashion& Beauty Apps you must try in 2014

Yay ! We are in 2014 ! So Happy New year everyone! Hope you had a great NYE! We did too, but we are back to work on the very first day! Guess we love our job too much! So we wanted to start off the year with an extremely useful post. We all use apps now on our smart phones, don’t we? While we use apps to manage time, share pictures, tweet, which apps do you use for fashion?

As an app ourselves ( yes! we are on our list :p ) our R&D team lives and breathes fashion apps. So, here we are honestly recommending some great fashion apps out there that you should get in 2014. The intent is to  make life much easier and stylish for you all! So here we go, in no particular order!

#1 Speak Chic

Available on Apple Store US$ 1.99

Let’s face it and not be embarrassed about it, fashion lingo is tough! But not is no excuse to not getting it right. And when we can get it right so easily, with the touch of your screen, why shouldn’t we? Speak Chic makes it so simple, and you can access it any time you need to pronounce a brand. And do they have a vast fashion vocabulary? Yes they do!

#2 Snapette

Available on Apple Store and Google Play Store . Free

So you want to know your nearest stores which sell great fashion or new stores opening up? Want to feel like a member who get special discounts and can participate in exclusive giveaways? And to do it all socially with fellow 2 million snapettes… that is interesting. And now they have introduced e-commerce now, and you can shop designer fashion, shoes, bags and accessories.

screen568x568 (4) screen568x568 (5)

#3 Cloth

Available on Apple Store .Free.

Sometimes we just hit gold with some outfits, only to forget the combinations later. If we maintained a visual diary of it it would get so much easier. Cloth let’s you do the same. You snap your outfit (even edit the picture) and categorize it according to occasion (everyday, event, evening, work, active, vacation) or weather ( paid, hot, warm,chilly etc). We have used this app plan holiday outfits, and everyday outfits as well. When we are traveling back from work, we often look at the app and decide the next day’s look.


#4 Wink n Pout

Available on App Store and Google Play Store

Stop dressing for other’s body. Own your body and your body shape. Get tips on how to dress to flatter your body shape, you can get outfit suggestions for a detailed lot of occasions (interview, gym, catching up with friends, going to the movies etc) – all personalized for you. What’s more you can shop any  of the products you l0ved in-app, create looks around the product and ‘ask a stylist’ for any queries that you might have.

a screen568x568 (3)

#5 Fashism

Available on  Google Play Store Free.

This one is for those of us who need a second opinion. There is not a problem with that, there is a whole community built around that. You can instantly upload a picture and ask the community if the outfit is hot or not? So there you go! No more second-guessing!

fashism-mobile Fullscreen capture 122014 43644 AM.bmp

#6 InStyle Hairstyle Try-on

Available on Apple Store. Free

We are not all Photoshop experts here, heck very few of us are. So how are you supposed to know in advance, if your new haircut will suit you or not. This app will seriously help you out before you take the big step, and it is super easy.


#7 OPI nail studio

Available on Apple Store. Free.

We love OPI nail paints, for all the colors and of course the stay. So while you are going to get a manicure done, you can try out various shades of the nail paint on a virtual hand closest to your skin color. You can even choose nail length, and nail colors from various categories.


#8 Glamour Ask a Stylist

Available on Apple Store. Free.

Dressing up is not easy right. Standing in front of the mirror, a million questions coming to your head, the heels or the wedges, this blazer or a scarf… but who do you ask? You can ask a personal stylist for free! Glamour magazine in association with makes it possible to answer all your personal queries.


#9 Chicfeed

Available on Apple Store and Google Play store.  Free.

Street Style is a great way to stay inspired, and find new outfit inspirations everyday. But visiting each of the big blogs in the field like The Sartorialist, Altamira, Face Hunter , separately might be an ordeal. So why not get Chicfeed and get all that inspiration delivered to your smart phone.

chicfeed chicfeed1

#10 Pose

Available on Apple Store and Google Play Store. Free.

It feels like instagram for fashion. You can find people with great style to get inspired from. Their looks are tagged with the products to shop for, in-app. A new feature suggests you a product of day and a look according to the weather. Great way to discover new stylish people and trends.

screen568x568 (7)pose 

#11 Shopular

Available at Apple Store. Free

A fashionista should know how to splurge but also how to save. So a fashionista who knows her discount coupons, really takes teh cake. Download this app to have fresh coupons from the likes of Macy’s Forever 21 etc delivered to you. What’s best they update daily and you can get the coupons of all the stores in your mall with the location tracker.

shopular shopular2

#12 TheFind

Available on Apple Store and Google Play Store. Free.

Truly find anything fashion based on keywords and save money by saving products in your wishlist and knowing when they go on sale. You can scan bar codes to find out if the item is better priced somewhere else! These app is truly “The Find”!

screen568x568 (1) screen568x568

#13 Spendee

Available on Apple Store and Google Play Store. Free.

You would think what is a budget monitoring app doing in fashion apps? well you need it if you are a fashionista or even a regular person. Spendee lets you feed in your expenditures and tells you where your money is going. It offers a simple interface and you can easily manage your shopping budgets with it.

screen568x568 (8) screen568x568 (9)

#14 Style Seat

Available at Apple store and Google Play Store. Free.

Managing your beauty appointments with your career is also one of the big tasks. Here you can browse through photo portfolios of beauty professionals in your area and book them ! You will be sure to discover some gems along the way. You can also re-schedule your appointment in app if you like. And if you are a beauty professional, you can manage all your client lists and appointments right here!

screen568x568 (10) screen568x568 (11)

So how did you find the list? Useful? Blah? Boring? Nicely complied? While we may have missed out on some of the best fashion and beauty apps for 2014, you can always leave a suggestion in the comment box below ! And yes a Happy 2014 to you!


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