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14 Online Fashion Stores to try in 2014

Move over Topshop, ASOS, HnM, NastyGal, Modcloth and the like because for 2014, we are suggesting some off-beat online stores to try. We have nothing against popular online fashion stores, we feature all of their products in the Wink n Pout app. But, for 2014, we want to expand all of our choices. Let’s find something new!

While there could be a few of your favorite stores here as well, but there will be something new for everyone! So read our list of 14, and find a new love!

#1 Wild Fang

Feminine is not the only way to go when you dress up. Some of us are tomboys and really androgynous in our approach. But does that mean we can’t be fashionable? Sure we can! Try out Wild Fang. This Portland brand really feels like a sub-culture, so give it a shot.


Coat . Bowtie . Clear Rain Boots

#2 Nectar Clothing

The closest that we can come to describing this store for you is that you will find clothing that resembles the young Tumblr-state-of-mind and fashion. It is Made in USA which makes the brand stand out further in all the imported garments that we are getting used to.

nectar clothing

Fox Dress. Diamond Crop Top

#3 The White Pepper

A UK based store which stores trendy but unique merchandise which fashionistas would love to buy. Their smock dresses are especially gorgeous.

the white pepper

Coat. Ring . Leopard Shoulder Bag

#4 Frock Los Angeles on Etsy

Yes, we are featuring some wonderful Etsy stores too for you. And as the name may suggest, this brand has Hollywood glamour deep within it’s DNA. But don’t expect to find it in materials or embellishments, find it in the bold cuts. We love the bacs of teh dresses and gowns here!

frock los angeles

Gown. Dress

#5 Muguet Milan on Etsy

We recommend the store for some really feminine essentials done incredibly well. A small selection, but a flattering one nonetheless.

Muguet Milan

Flowing Top . Metallic Shirt

#6 Rave Nectar

This one will only appeal to a certain category, but the prints are so vivid and awesome that the store deserved a spot. This brand of sublimation printed t-shirts boasts off loud graphics by various artists. All the prints are available in both men and women’s versions.


Mirror Print. Leo Print

#7 ASOS Marketplace

Well we all shop from ASOS. But have you tried their Marketplace? It is like the very own Etsy of ASOS. Here you can find both new, pre-owned and vintage pieces sold by individuals or boutique owners. It is great fun to discover something unique.

asos marketplace

Long Cardigan. Dress

#8 Sosie

A fairly new brand ( started in 2013), Sosie has come to be recognized as a rather trendy but budget-friendly brand in our curator’s eyes. You can shop for clothing, accessories to shoes  for a varied range of personalities like Bohemian to minimal.


Shift Dress . Necklace . Wedges

#9 Pixie Market

This one is one the more known brands in our list, it has been featured on the likes of Harper’s Bazaar and WhoWhatWear. And they live upto their name to deliver trendy and cute fashion, corresponding to the newest trends on town.

pixie market

Heart Sweater. Heart Dress

#10 Chic City Online

Quality begets quantity for us. These 14+ size clothing brand is the perfect example. The garments are flattering and moreover the sizing system refers to size 14 as their XS. We love that!

chic city online

Dress. Striped Skirt

#11 Maggy London

If you are petite, finding garments that were made for you isn’t so simple. To save various visits for alteration, we often tend to find brands that cater to us. Maggy London is answer to all your gorgeous-petite-dresses prayers.

maggy london

Printed Dress. Black Dress

#12 Chicnova

Yes, it is a popular brand already and especially among bloggers. But chances are you may not have tried them yet. We recommend them for their latest fashion pieces and that you are spoilt for choice owing to a large collection in each category.


Blazer . Dress

#13 Acrimony

Let’s be honest, we are huge fans of Acrimony for their amazing designs and aesthetic. This one is an absolutely must-visit if you love details and smart design.


Blazer . Dress

#14 In God we Trust

This one is another homespun, made in USA brand out there. A small but interesting collection, it is designer wear that is surely rising on the popularity scale now.

in god we trust

Blouse . Dress

How did you find the above recommendations? Want to make some of your own? Leave a comment!


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