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14 Fashion Tricks to know in 2014

We have kick-started 2014 on high adrenaline, with an action-packed series. So what do our stylists have to say today? We want to share the 14 fashion tricks that will see you through your major fashion emergencies, fix some of your major fashion issues and answer your fashion dilemmas.

So without much ado, let’s begin our list!

#1 Have a loose dress you wish to wear? Pull the dress back and tie neatly with a rubber band. Wear a blazer/jacket on top and you can carry off your dress. If the tied part protrudes too much you can fix it with a safety pin.


via A dose of Paige

#2 Press your shirt collars with a hair straightener. Yes, no one has been able to perfect it with an iron.

#3 Wear a man’s shirt and belt it to instantly have yourself a shirt dress!

#4 Nude heels or even nude pumps can elongate your legs. But remember, nude does not equal beige color. It instead means close to your skin color – so your nude could be very different from someone else’s.

#5 You can spray hairspray on your tights to prevent them from running. Also, if there is a hole in them or tear, apply transparent nail paint to prevent it from getting bigger.

#6 Always keep a small fashion emergency kit in your bag. It should contain safety pins, a double sided tape, bra clip, small deodrant, bobby pins, tampons etc. Device your own or get this one.

#7 Have a dull wardrobe to brighten up on a budget? Add some bright accessories like a scarf or bag or shoes.

#8 Your favorite bra’s underwire poking out and hurting you? Don’t throw it away as yet. While not wearing the bra, push the underwire inside and stick moleskin on it.

#9 While out shopping for clothes, specially from a new brand, try on 3 sizes. And as a general rule never ever pretend that a size fits. Be truthful!

#10 Wearing white clothes? (Especially pants) go buy nude undergarments. Black and white aren’t the best choices.

#11 Avoid fading your dark wash jeans by adding distilled vinegar to the last washing cycle.

#12 Open hem? Fix it instantly with double sided tape.

#13 Fix gaping jeans at the back by sewing on some elastic. Find full steps here.

#14 Apply petroleum jelly to your new shoe where it can bite. Leave it on for 2-3 hours and then wipe and wear. Or wear it already with a band-aid.

Did we cover it all? What did we miss? Tell us!


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