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14 Fashion Blogs to read in 2014

So which fashion blogs should you be reading apart from ours ;)? We have taken it upon us to introduce you to some popular but not crazily well-known blogs that are awesome nonetheless. They will inspire you, give you ideas, help you out in fashion problems but most importantly help you grow sartorially. So this is the list of 14 great fashion blogs that you should begin reading now, in 2014 if you haven’t done so already.

# 1 Chictopia Blog – Everybody is Ugly

What’s behind the intriguing title? It is the fact that Chictopia believes that whoever does not possess style must be ugly. But leave on the catchy title and you have yourself a very useful blog ( just like their main website and community) which talks on a range of topics and is by the people. Below are two recent favorite posts from them. And BTW you can join Wink n Pout on Chictopia here.

How to wear long sleeve shirts as skirts
2 Does skinny rule the fashion world 

# 2 The World Looks Red

Well, her style is laid back and she makes us believe that the simplest of pieces can look extraordinary. Plus she travels a lot and takes us along. We have seen Paris and Berlin both through her photographs and it looks amazing. Below are our recent favorite two posts.

1 Paris Times Two
2 5th of July

#3 Fashionista Next Door
We have always been love with women bloggers who look more like us, and we can imagine finding on the street. But she is far from just a face in the crowd. You look at the way she dresses to flatter her body as well as when she styles from an inspiration. These are the two posts we recommend.

12 days of Holiday Party Outfits
Style Me Friday

#4 Chioma’s Evolution of Style
If you are the one afraid of wearing color you should definitely follow Chioma’s blog for some inspiration. She  wears colors so well without ever looking overwhelming. It is sheer magic. Don’t know what we mean? See the two posts!

Shocking Pink + Pops of Leopard
Mustard + Gingham

#5 Not Dressed as Lamb
If you are over 40 and age dictates you to dress like a lamb, well you shouldn’t at all. Follow this blog instead and her style will definitely inspire you to be more. What’s more she feels totally real on her blog. See her 2013 bloopers post and you would know.

Just for Fun : 2013 Bloopers and Outtakes
Autumn Winter Trends 2013 | Head-To-Toe Blush Pink 

#6 Still Being Molly
Being at Molly’s blog is a positive experience. She talks fashion but also happiness, family and even yummy recipes. It is all in one kind of blog that leaves you feeling whole. Below are our favorite recent posts on her blog.

14 (more) ways to be happier in 2014
Winter Fashion | Stripes, Chambray, & a Dash of Sparkle

#7 The Other Side of Gray
Follow her outfits because they all seem possible and achievable yet put together wonderfully well. If you notice closely, she will tell you how to make an ordinary outfit special.

1 Slouchy
2 Talk to my outfit Tuesday

#8 Alterations Needed
This woman really knows her fits almost too well. If you new to alterations (mass fashion often requires it) you should definitely start following her. She will teach you a thing or two about the right fit.

Adventures in Alterations: Slim a Boxy Jacket
2 Holiday Dressing for a girl who doesn’t do dresses

#9 The Classy Cubicle
Office wear can be stylish. If you don’t agree with the statement or don’t dress stylishly enough for work, you surely can use this popular blog.

Plaits, Pleats and Plaid
Touches of Tortoise

#10 Frehsminhtea
She is a talented nail artist, is fashionable and recently started to illustrate her own pictures on Photoshop. All in all it makes a blog worth following for inspiration. These are our two recent favorites.

1 Diva
2 Touch of Purple

#11 Simply Beautiful Elegant
This is a fairly new blog that has gotten popular fast and not without reason. Looking at her pictures, you would want to holiday more and live your life to the fullest. Good vibes!

Mexico: Ombre Ice
Paris Frenchie # 3 Resturant Review

#12 Advice from a twenty something
Clearly, a twenty something can advice too. About what you ask? Fashion, style, beauty, tricks and even relationships. And well, needless to say she is good at it. See for yourself!

1 Style your Holiday : The office party
2 The Key to Taming Bed Head

#13 Glam Devils
Very true to their name, these truly are diabolical sisters when it comes to their style. Seriously chic with a rock and grunge vibe, their style inspires us to push boundaries too. Here is a glimpse of what to find.

See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil
2 I would love to sit front row

#14 Corporette 
This blog is different in its look, feel and content too. If you are an over-achieveing chick as she calls it, you will find great advice and even shopping suggestions made by the readers. Open threads and discussions are also what sets this one apart.

Frugal Friday TPS Report : Tuxedo Blazer
Business Casual for Women Without being overdressed

So that brings us to the round-up of 14 fashion blogs to follow in 2014.
Care to leave some more suggestions? Comment below!

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2 thoughts on “14 Fashion Blogs to read in 2014

  1. Hi – thanks so much for featuring me, I’m so flattered!! Really glad you liked the bloopers post.

    Just one thing – my blog is Not Dressed As Lamb, not “as a lamb” (the expression is “mutton dressed as lamb” like the meat, not the animal, so my age actually dictates that I should dress old like mutton!) Only that you’ve written my URL wrong in the pic that’s all… but I’m sure readers will click through the links so it shouldn’t be a problem 🙂

    Thanks again!
    Catherine x

    • Oh! We are so sorry for the blooper. It stands corrected now – a genuine typing error on our end. But Catherine we hold so much respect for your style and the way you are defying “age-appropriate dressing” And it was an absolute must to have you on our list !

      Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

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