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14 Ways to get more fashionable in 2014

We make so many resolutions each year. Is being more fashionable one of them for you? After all who doesn’t wish to dress better and look their best. And just like in 2013, we have been helping you dress your best; in 2014 we continue to stay committed to the same. In fact we will be even more committed to the cause we promise. Need proof? Our stylists give out 14 tips to get more fashionable this year. Here it goes. 

  1. Shop Smart! Think about your lifestyle, the existing clothes in your wardrobe (does the new piece work with any of them?) and if you are happy with the cost per wear.
  2. Plan your outfit the night before. Not many of us have that habbit and not many of us would want to change it either. But look at the perks – since your look is decided in advance, you would have already planned even the details that you might skip out on in the morning and hence the look can be even more powerful.
  3. Consciously decide to dress better. If you feel like wearing track pants to stay comfortable, opt for luxe pyjama pants instead to solve the purpose. Want to keep it minimal? Add a single minimal accessory to the look instead of going bare. You get the idea right!
  4. Dress for your body. This is by far the most important advices out there. And majorly, this is who Wink n Pout is all about. So get the app to get styled for your body shape and keep in touch with the blog for great advice.
  5.  Be honest. Not all trends were created equal, so each season you must ask yourself which ones of the new ones is perfect for you? Don’t jump on them all and think you are instantly more fashionable.
  6. Pin your inspirations. If you still don’t use pinterest, we suggest you do. Maintain a board for outfit inspirations- inspirations you find on the web or pinterest itself. You can always go back to the board to get a fresh perspective or some pointing in the right direction while shopping.
  7. Take risks Look at your old photos maybe from a year or two ago. Except for the obvious change in clothes, has your style remained the same? Well, guess what style should be ever evolving. We should continuously break our comfort zone and try out new things. We are not suggesting that from a black and white wardrobe you suddenly switch to hot pink, nothing drastic but little steps.
  8. Get a Haircut Believe us on this, your hair make a lot of difference to any outfit. Sometimes just because you have a chic outfit, even the most ordinary of outfits will get that wow-factor. So consider investing in a chic haircut this 2014.
  9. Pay attention to shoes This one is not for the shoe-addicts but the others out there. You don’t need to be a shoe-o-holic but you definitely need to take care that the shoes are as good as your outfit. They always give way to how fashionable you truly are so do not ignore this part of the outfit.
  10. Don’t get caught in the size game Even though sizing is more or less universal, but different brands and styles cause sizing confusion. Just because you are size M for one style, don’t be afraid to be size L for another brand if the need be. Remember what matters is that the garment fits well, the size label is only visible to you not the world. So get over it!
  11. Complete your basics If you still do not have your basics ready, a white shirt, a black one, blue jeans and the like, you will have a tough time building up on your wardrobe. They are called “base-ics” for a reason ladies, you need them if you want a strong wardrobe on top
  12.  Dress for an occasion You might have a great dressing sense but if you wear something casual on Mondays and a suit on Fridays, it gets weird. And you may not be making this mistake as noticeably as the example we gave, but you should keep a check. Definitely try to know what to wear when.
  13.  Keep your best outfits close Part of the game is knowing what works best on you. It is as important as knowing what doesn’t work. Notice the outfits, style and colors you fetch most compliments in or just feel great in. Work out ways to create variety in that realm of dressing.
  14.  Stay confident and smile You have no idea how important and life-altering this tip is, no matter how small. Feeling confident in an outfit instantly changes your body-language and you start looking all the more attractive. The smile is a similar magic wand. So use them both.

So are you ready for a more fashionable 2014?
Don’t leave our side as we will continue to dish out great content on the blog.
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5 thoughts on “14 Ways to get more fashionable in 2014

    • God Lisa! You are sooo generous 🙂 You always make all our posts worth it! Thanks a tonne! The team here absolutely loves you! And we couldn’t agree more on the smile… just look at yours in the picture 🙂 It is so beautiful and definitely makes you all stylish!

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