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Workwear Week: Pencil Skirts for all body shapes

Reading the title you must have gone like “pencil skirts and me? you have got to be kidding”  But well we are not, pencil skirts can work for all shapes and they are wonderful to be worn at work. The difference between a flattering and unflattering pencil skirt is the kind of skirt and how you style it. Trust us!

And it is not a difficult task as well. Our stylists give you tips body type wise on how to rock a pencil skirt for work.

You have a great bottom and nice shapely legs. Let it all show through a statement pencil skirt in a bold color. On top wear a feminine pleated blouse. It has to be combination of loose and fitted. But loose never means ill-fitted. So be careful there. You can pair this statement look with matching bag and flats.

Blouse • Skirt • Flats • Bag

A black pencil skirt will be the easiest for you wear, but prints and colors are not off reach either. Simply make sure the print does not add width (horizontal lines, certain checks do too) All you have got to remember is, you pair it up with a blouse with ruffle details on the neck or sleeve to balance out your curves. You can also add another layer (a structured shoulder blazer) for a similar effect. 

pencil-skirts-for-work-wear-for-PEAR-shaped-women-copyBlouse • Skirt • Shoes • Bag

Because of your coveted tiny waist, you can pull off a high waist pencil skirt with ease. We chose a printed one in a dark color, so that it does not highlight every bump ( plain colors do) Also, tuck in a V-neck white shirt like this which is not body hugging. 

pencil-skirts-for-work-wear-for-hourglass-shaped-women-copyShirt • Skirt • Shoes • Bag

Inverted triangle
As an inverted triangle, you can get away with beautiful patterns on your pencil skirt. You can balance out the width of your shoulders with it and also remember not to choose a pencils skirt that is too curved in at the hem. The hip to hem ratio of the skirt should not have a lot of difference for your figure. Also, pair up a sleeveless V neck blouse tucked in with your skirt. Have fun with your shoes!

pencil-skirts-for-work-wear-for-inverted-triangle-shaped-women-copyBlouse • Skirt • Flats • Bag

Rectangle / Sporty Ruler
Yes, pencil skirts can look wonderful on you too. Be clever and choose one with a waist band (even in a contrast color is good) and the peplum silhouette is perfect to cheat some curves. On top, you can simply tuck in your favorite button down. 

Button Down • Skirt • Shoes • Bag

Hopefully, three days into Workwear Week, you are already excited about having a Flattering. fashionable and stylish work wardrobe. So don’t lose us now, keep following the blog for the full Workwear Week series.

If you would want more look suggestions for all occasions possible and that essentially flatter your body, download the Wink n Pout app on Android here and Wink n Pout on Apple Devices here.


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