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Workwear Week: Suits, Printed Pants and Statement Blazers

So in today’s post there is a lot to learn when it comes to your workwear wardrobe. We are talking about all things tailored – suits, blazers and pants. Our stylists have a formula that can make you have various combinations working for you if you buy these tailored pieces right. So what is the maths behind it? Read below

Clothes you will need:
1 Basic flattering suit (blazer + trouser/skirt+ shirt)
1 Statement Blazer
1 Pair of printed pants

Combinations possible:
1. The suit as it is.
2. The ‘suit’ trouser/skirt with the shirt + Statement accessory.
3. Suit Trousers/skirt + Shirt + Statement Blazer
4. Suit Blazer + Shirt + Printed Pants
5. Printed Pants + Shirt + Statement Accessory
6. Statement Blazer + Shirt + Printed pants ( Only possible when you buy accordingly)

So clearly many a combinations are possible for your work, but enough of it in words. Let’s learn this key practically. Let’s see some visuals. So here we go talking about every body type!

Rectangle / Sporty Ruler
Let’s take advantage of that androgynous figure. Try out a cropped blazer with matching tailored trousers. But give the look a twist by wearing a feminine blouse underneath. Complete the look with black patent heels and bag.
LOOK 1 – Suit Blazer • Suit Trousers • Blouse • Shoes • Bag LOOK 2 – Printed trousers LOOK 3 – Blazer LOOK 5 – Necklace

To twist up the look, choose a pair of printed tailored pants. We chose one in similar hue as the blouse. The statement blazer chosen in turn is a bright red orange to compliment the whole look well. So below are the combinations that you can pair up for work.

As a pear you can pull-off skirt suits as well. Remember the lesson in pencil skirts yesterday? Choose a suit in which the torso is highlighted, like this contrast lapel jacket. Also, we chose a ruffle blouse to wear with it.
LOOK 1 – Suit Blazer • Suit Skirt • Blouse • Heels • Bag LOOK 2 – Printed Trousers LOOK 3 – Earrings LOOK 5 – Blazer

To switch up the look, choose a pair of print straight leg trousers that fit well. The statement blazer here is neither a bright color, nor embellished but the texture makes it border on classic and statement.

As an apple, make sure to choose a suit that keeps attention away from the mid-section. The blazer with contrast lapels keeps attention to the top. We chose a basic blouse that makes the look monochrome, but statement red heels.
LOOK 1 – Suit Blazer • Suit Trousers • Blouse • Shoes • Bag LOOK 2 – Blazer LOOK 3 – Printed Pants LOOK 4 – Necklace

To jazz up things, choose a bright statement blazer that can be easily co-ordinated with all the black separates. And since you have a shapely pair of legs, you can carry a light colored statement pair of printed pants real well. Take advantage of that.

Inverted triangle
The suit you choose should not have a flashy blazer or a lot of detailing in it. Also, skip shoulder pads because you are already gifted with strong shoulders. Choose a V neck blouse to pair up with the suit.
LOOK 1 – Suit Blazer • Suit Pants • Shirt • Shoes • Bag LOOK 2 – Printed Trousers • Watch LOOK 3 – Blazer LOOK 5 – Brooch

To balance up a strong torso, choose printed pants in a lighter hue. We picked up this beautiful floral piece. The green blazer is right on trend and gives a fresh twist to your workwear wardrobe.

Even with your suit you can choose to define your waist. The blazer can have a seam at the waist so that it cinches the waist well and defines your curves. The straight leg trouser will be a flattering choice, make sure it is hemmed right with heels. A basic white button down will work with this conventional look well.
LOOK 1 – Suit Blazer • Suit Trousers • Shirt • Heels • Bag LOOK 2 – Necklace • Printed Pants  LOOK 3 – Necklace LOOK 4 – Blazer

Choose a pair of printed pants with a micro repeat print. Tuck the shirt in and the classic pair will instantly look chic. The contrast lapel blazer is tailored well and fits in easily with the color scheme of the rest of the separates.

So wait up for the next addition of workwear week tomorrow. And don’t forget to download the Wink n Pout app on Android here and Wink n Pout on Apple Devices here.


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