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Workwear Week: Statement Button Downs and Blouses

It is the weekend and workwear may not be on your mind, but this is our second last post in the series and it is sure super useful if you are looking to have a kick-ass work wardrobe. We have spoken about a lot of separates during the week, and today we talk about the magic workers.

We all own that one pair of black trousers that flatter (if you don’t you should!) But it is the most basic of all staples, so much so that it borders on boring at times. We have all faced that right? So how does one keep the black pants from getting boring and stale? A statement button down or a blouse is the answer. And that is the reason they are a must-have in your work wardrobe full of staples.

Rectangle/Sporty Ruler

Button Down • Blouse • Pants • Shoes • Bag
As a rectangle or sporty ruler, you choose to sport androgyny or create curves too for work. You can choose to pair a button down with pocket detailing with your black trousers tucked in. Also, a clever peplum blouse can visually create curves for you.  And, as a general tip when buying your trousers look for straight leg or try pegged as well.

Inverted triangle

Button Down • Blouse • Pants • Shoes • Bag
As an inverted triangle, with black trousers, your already skinny legs will look more skimmed. But let’s take this opportunity to show off your beautiful shoulders but in style. The button down shirt, with sequin detail around the shoulders, does not add width at all but only serves to show off your shoulders. The blouse has cut-outs that do the same thing but slightly flared hem too, to balance it all. Also, in your black trousers avoid a narrow fit. Instead opt for a straight one.


Button Down • Blouse • Pants • Shoes • Bag
You have that beautiful tiny waist that you choose to show off with a peplum. We chose one with a V neck, so that it does not over power your bust-line. Also the black on black will have a lovely skimming effect. As for the button-down, it has enough details to keep it feminine and a flattering V neck as well. When it comes to trousers, choose straight leg or even narrow.


Button Down • Blouse • Pants • Shoes • Bag
Of course you know how flattering that pair of straight leg black trousers are on you. (You can try slightly tapered as wee though) Great for your curves but with your blouse and button-up we take attention upwards and add details there. So a bow button down or an intricate blouse is just the thing for you!


Button Down • Blouse • Pants • Shoes • Bag
You just show off those shapely legs in the fitted black trousers and leave the rest to us. We suggest a nice patterned button down work tucked out. Or else wear a formal draped blouse with a V neckline. We fell in love with the color as well as the fit, and the fact that how gorgeous can it look over black pants!

So, that was about statement blouses and button-downs for work. But how will we end the workwear series?  With none other than Mrs. O and her style credentials! Her birthday is today and we will give her a style tribute (and decode her style for you) tomorrow! So watch out!

And don’t forget to download the Wink n Pout app on Android here and Wink n Pout on Apple Devices here.


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