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Workwear Week: Ultimate Style inspiration Michelle Obama

Hello Everyone! Today we are concluding the much loved workwear week with the birthday woman herself, Mrs. O – Michelle Obama. We wished her birthday in our last post as well. But today we have put together a style tribute and inspiration post for you.

The impeccable fashion sense of Michelle Obama is nothing new, and it has been talked about to the T. Due to Obama’s second term, now we get to see even more of this elegant lady. But what we are doing here today is decoding her style. Below we mention some of looks that can inspire any woman’s workwear wardrobe. Of course we skip out the gowns, but she sure knows how to rock them for the evening.

Decoding Michele Obama’s style
1. Michelle takes utmost care that the clothes she wears have to fit her well, really well.
2. She is a pear and she sure knows how to dress herself to flatter her body shape.
3. She knows how to show off her best features like waist, arms, legs etc through her style choices.
4. If something works for her body, she will wear similar silhouettes back and again with little variations. Tried and tested rules must be followed.
5. She is not afraid of color or prints, and makes bold yet elegant choices for her wardrobes often times.

That said and done, the above are the recipe for having a style to die for. Here are some looks that she frequents and we love.

On various occasions till now she has been spotted in various little black dresses, each time a flattering version of this classic. It proves how you “one is never over dressed or under dressed with a Little Black dress”

Flattering Dresses
And that constitutes a lot of A-line dresses, flared ones and sheath dresses. She looks beautiful in empire line and she knows it too. You will see her repeating necklines and silhouettes, she sticks to the rules that work for her. 

She looks stunning in pencil skirts, and she sure wears them a lot. With bow blouses, button downs and skirt suits as well. But she has also been seen in A line and maxi skirts as well.

At Wink n Pout we keep emphasizing on the importance of belts for every body type (just a little caution with the apples), but Michelle Obama sure understands the importance of belts and wears them unabashedly. And we love it!

And we are talking both pantsuits and skirt suits. And she sure looks lovely in them. Just goes on to prove how easily she can move from lady-like dresses to power suits and even glamorous gowns. That’s the dream right?

So now that we have decoded her style, how can you channel it yourself? We have put up one look per body type. Which one is yours?

Blouse • Pencil Skirt • Shoes • Belt • Bag
As a pear you can practically get inspired from any of Michelle Obama’s looks. But we have chosen a bright pencil skirt, with a tucked in blouse and a belt on top. The look defines your curves, and balances them too.

Dress • Shoes • Belt • Bag
This floral dress is lovely on your ladylike curves, cinches at the waist while also gives room for comfort. Don’t forget the belt and pair with feminine accessories for elegance.

Inverted Triangle
Dress • Shoes • Bag
The scoop neck is lovely for you, and this particular dress, softens your shoulders, defines your waist and with the flare balances your upper body, while also showing off the legs. Win-Win situation for every body part!

Dress • Shoes • Bag
You may not get away with cinching your waist with a belt always, but you can sure get away with wrap dresses and cinching below the waist. This dress does it all with a flattering neckline.

Rectangle / Sporty Ruler
Suit Blazer • Pants • Shirt • Shoes • Bag
Inspired from Michelle Obama we have put together a pin stripe suit look for you with a beautiful button down. Yes, you do not always have to go for the classic white button down with suits.

So that brings us to the end of workwear week. How did you like the series? Did it help? Feel free to leave us a comment below!



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