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14 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for yourself

If you are single this valentine’s day or even with a special one, the day of love is apt to show some love to yourself. That is what we truly believe in at Wink n Pout. But if the idea of gifting something to yourself on Valentine’s day is something alien to you, let us introduce you to just the right ideas. Our list of 14 will surely make you indulge and love yourself more!

#1 Inspiring Wall Art

Get it here
Have a quote you love? Put up something that will inspire you and remind you to love yourself! You can choose to buy this one or DIY an art work as well!

#2 Throw Pillow

Get it here
There just can’t not be enough throw pillows in your apartment. And if there is one that inspires you to follow your heart, why not? And follow not just people but hobbies and experiences as well that your heart yearns for!

#3 Cosmetic Bag

Get it here
We may hold strong feminist and body positive opinions here at office, but we confess to vanity too. Nothing like a pretty cosmetic bag for all our pretty makeup! And a boyfriend can never buy you that, something you are better off doing yourself.

#4 Pretty Plates
Get it here
We love food. And we love food served in pretty plates. Food Porn! So why not indulge in some each day? This is an investment you would love yourself for making!

#5 Sexy Training shoes

Get it here
Yeah, about the New Year resolution… Well, it didn’t last. Just like the ice cream bucket in the refrigerator. But maybe it is the right time to revive the being healthy resolution. Yes, we promote exercise for staying healthy not losing weight per se. And a pair of gorgeous trainers may inspire you to put them on and run!

#6 Silk Robe

Get it here
So you though we will only make you work out? Here, indulge yourself with a sexy silk robe. You deserve to wear it around the house.

#7 Lingerie

Bra • Lace mini knickers
Buy yourself some sexy lingerie, yes yourself. Feel sexy in your skin, and feel it for yourself, nobody else!

#8 Chanel Lipstick

Get it here
Is it not just about everybody’s dream? And after seeing it a lot in our instagram feed, it sure burns the desire more. So just go ahead and buy it in your favorite shade, guilt free.

#9 Wine

Get it here
Take a pick, bring a good wine bottle home for yourself  or even champagne 😉 We recommend this Domodimonti Picens Marche I.G.T 2006. It’s fairly intense purplish ruby color and bouquet of fine and expressive nose of blackberries, leather, mild spices and menthol makes our heart go boom!

#10 A potted plant

Get it here
If you love to cook, get a small herb garden or else if you can’t take care of it too much than a rubber plant. Valentine’s day flowers rot in a week, the plant stays!

#11 Sweet Indulgence

And you thought the list will not contain food! If it is a cheese cake, a delicious pastry or heavenly macarons, you should go get it. If you are in New York, for macarons may we suggest Paris’ La Maison du Chocolat, or Vendôme Macaron

#12 Spa Gift Set

Get it here
So this is how it works, light some candles, drink some wine and use your spa set. Buying yourself a spa set will let you indulge anytime you like in the comfort of your home. However if that is not something you prefer, go and visit a spa.

# 13 A hobby

Lomography • Notebook • Piano Lessons • PS4
Yes, gift yourself a hobby. Whether it is taking up lomography, writing, piano lessons, dance lessons or becoming a gamer… the world is your oyster! Just do it!

#14 A Designer masterpiece

Let’s face it, not all of us own a designer beauty yet. We shop on a budget and our eyeballs are stuck on the runway. So now is the time to invest in a masterpiece. It could be anything, jewelry, a bag , a dress or even a luxurious white shirt.

Stay with us, as love in the air this week and with our Valentine’s Day series we are taking a fresh perspective at the holiday! Hope you will enjoy it! Express yourself in the comments below!


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