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14 Valentine’s Day Outfit ideas for Not-so-romantic Girl

Yeah, it is ok that not everyone is a fan of romance and hearts and the color pink and red on Valentine’s Day. For some of us girls all that mushiness gets too much. And while we might agree to celebrate and go out, all those outfit suggestions with hearts, flowers are just not our cup of tea. So what is a not-so-romantic girl to do while stepping out on Valentine’s Day? Here are 14 outfit suggestions for the 14th of February!

We have divided them amongst three major scenarios – A casual day date, where it could be a café, movie anything. An evening date and when you go out dancing to the clubs together. We have kept the outfits not-so-sweet for you. There is hardly any pink and red, and if there is it is used in a not-so-mushy way!

For a casual day date, combine a simple mauve shirt with pastel greys. A fresh combination, which can be made bolder with black accessories.
Button Down • Jeans • Coat • Shoes • Bag

Look #2 How about a warm casual look with leather pants (but not black), tartan blouse and a statement yellow coat. The shoes and bag, clearly does not need to match
Top • Pants • Coat • Bag • Shoes

Look#3 Sequins for the day work well with denims. And with statement denim and a well fitted blazer the look oscillates between dressy and casual.
Jeans • Top • Blazer • Shoes • Bag

Look # 4 Printed shift dresses when combined with printed coats look exceedingly chic during the day. Here the blue snakeskin print rather makes the whole outfit pop beautifully.
Dress • Coat • Clutch • Shoes

Look #5 So here is the heart printed jeans that does not look very Valentine’s despite the print. Pair with a feminine blouse in nude color and blazer.
look-for-a-caual-day-date-5Blouse • Jeans • Blazer • Bag • Shoes

For the Evening Looks Get bold and wear a gold pencil skirt. But to dress it down only slightly, wear a knotted crop chambray shirt. The animal print and a bright coat is the right accent to this fierce look.
Top • Skirt • Coat • Heels • Bag

Look # 2 What do you say about some cheerful color-blocking for the evening? We absolutely love this maxi skirt and have gone on to make a happy Valentine’s day look.
look-for-a-evening-time-date-2Skirt • Top • Blazer • Heels • Bag

Look #3 How can the Valentine’s Day evening be complete without a pretty peplum blouse? Pair its warm hues with warm browns and beiges for a sophisticated classy look.
look-for-a-evening-time-date-3Skirt • Blouse • Coat • Heels

Look #4 Black and neon is still hot. Done right, it turns head but only for all the right reason. And with that dress, we are thinking it is the coolest LBD out there.
Dress • Coat • Shoes • Bag •

Look#5 Embellished blouses worn with printed pants and statement shoes, is how a fashionista will dress up for the Valentine’s Day evening. Is that you?

Blouse • Pants • Blazer • Shoes

These are some options you could try if you are going clubbing. When we laid eyes upon this cowl dress, we knew it was smoking hot and worn with pink heels, it is one hell of a party outfit that speaks romance, but only subtly.
look-for-clubbing-date-1Dress • Shoes • Coat • Clutch

Look#2 It is acceptable to wear leather pants with a dressy blouse to a party when you combine it with just the right accessories. After all, we are not all a dress-person.
look-for-clubbing-date-2Blouse • Leather Pants • Heels • Clutch

Look#3 But in case you are a dress person, might we suggest this body-con metallic lace dress, which looks gorgeous with contrast block heels.

Dress • Heels • Clutch

Look #4 And to end with a classic animal print look, combine this embellished tank, tucked into the peplum skirt. Throw in some classic accessories and you are ready to steal his heart once again.

Skirt • Tank • Booties • Bag

That brings us to the end of our outfit ideas list. So tell us how are you planning to dress this Valentine’s Day? Like a not-so-romantic girl or a die-hard romantic? Leave a comment!


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