14 Kick-Ass ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day for Singles


So you are single and you got to spend Valentine’s Day alone. It is not the end the world seriously! But the mushy day may make it seem like so. So what do you do?

Either you could choose to take it like any normal day or you could make it special but in your own way. You can spend the day with your single friends (either gender ya know) or even with your other loved ones like relatives or alone but having fun. So here are 14 ideas that should give you some amount of excitement for the 14th of February.

#1 Secret Santa Valentine’s edition

Just so you will receive something, and feel loved, all of your single friends can get together, randomly pick names and buy each other presents for Valentine’s Day. And if your friends are close to you, they would probably even know exactly what to get you. And presents always bring smiles along!

#2 Strip Poker

Invite your closest single girlfriends over and play strip poker. This is possibly on your bucket list, so why not have the fun now. And when you will tell the story later to anyone, you sure know how badly ANYBODY would wish they were there too!

#3 Show Love

Valentine’s Day is the day of love. Yeah, it feels like a couple’s thing but you can show love to anyone at all. Make someone smile – send somebody flowers, buy somebody a meal (even a homeless person if you may) or give out roses to strangers on the street. You can choose to even volunteer at a shelter. Just give love away and see how wonderful the day becomes!

#4 Road trip

You know what, this Valentine’s day happens to fall on a Friday. How lucky is that. Why don’t you plan a road trip with your besties? The one that you always wanted to take but never could, the time is now!

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#5 Moviethon or series-thon

Well, again the Friday rule applies and you can plan to watch a lot of movies back to back. Maybe an actor crush or a genre you always wanted to try. Watch it alone or with a couple of friends. And you can always watch a TV series instead of movies too. What? You haven’t seen Orange is the new black yet? You can!

#6 Go out

Be aware that you might find couples everywhere, and a few singles. But all you got to do is be concerned with the group of people you go out with. You can go to a karaoke bar, and even dedicate your friend a song! Or simply go out for dinner or go out dancing and drinking. Just go have fun!

#7 Love Notes

Love notes are for people you love and not just lovers. Make a list of people that you love and who love you back. Parents, cousins, best friends anyone. Send them a love note (yes, with pen and paper). You can jot down a list of compliments that you always wanted to give them but didn’t. Or simply express gratitude for them being around. And just wait for all the love you get back!

#8 Do something sweet

So what if you can’t write a love note, due to laziness or paucity of time. You can do something sweet like put a balloon in a box with a paper tied to its string, which says “I love you” Or simply a framed print that says “I am nothing without you”. You can even give them a personalized mug for their coffee that tells them how much you love them! Just think of some sweet simple things to express your love.

14 kick-ass ideas

#9 Go to Vegas

Does it even need any explaining honey? Just go to Vegas… please!

#10 Love thy Pet

If you have a pet you would know that their love is unlike any other. It is so unconditional and beyond any words, that you can absolutely indulge your pet on Valentine’s day. Buy them great treats, or take them to a pet salon! And while you are at it…indulge yourself a little too?


#11 Make anti-valentine cards

It is fun. Super fun! Make Anti-valentine cards like these and send them out to your single friends! Well maybe you will find some at etsy as well, but nothing beats hand-made! Or you can use these cards as an invite to the anti-Valentine party that you throw at your place!

14 kick-ass ideas1

#12 Have a coffee with a stranger

So all you have to do is go sit in a café by yourself. Look around and find somebody sitting alone (either gender) Work up the courage to ask them if you can sit with them. If you are able to pull this off, you might make a new friend, get over your fear of talking to people, and have an experience for life!

#13 Flirt on text

Have a hottie you have being eyeing for a while? Muster up the courage to text him or even call and just let him know! And as soon as you casually tell him you find him hot, either hang up saying you got to rush somewhere or say text you later. And when that later comes, ooh well you already got him interested! Enjoy the flirting it will make your day!

#14 The advantages of staying single

 The post “23 things to do instead of getting engaged before you’re 23” went viral on wordpress recently. Do you think you can make a similar list for the advantages of staying single? Sure you can along with your single friends you will make the best list ever!

What are you doing this Valentine? Are you following our not-so-conventional valentine’s series? Feel free to talk to us in comments below!


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