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14 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for HER

For this Valentine’s day we have so far catered to the not-so-romantic girl, to the singles as well but now is the time for those of us girls in love. But this time, we help your boyfriends/husbands pick a gift for you. So hopefully you will make them discover this post to give them some ideas! Pass it on ladies!

And the best part of our list is the fact that it is not about material gifts only. We have put in thought, put in emotion and dreamt of what would sweep us off our feet if a man was sweet enough to do even a single thing from the list! Yes, it is personal and we are hoping you would love it!

# It’s Her Choice : Remember how she always wanted you to try a salmon colored shirt and you just wouldn’t agree? Or that haircut which looked hot on her celebrity crush but you weren’t sure of yourself. Now is the time, to try something she envisioned for you. Trust us she would love the gesture. Take some flowers along!

#2 Cook for her : Who knew the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach too. Put your chef cap on, cook her a nice meal, order some wine and have a romantic dinner at home. Just the two of you!  

#3 Get a tattoo together: So, this one is for those who are really sure of their relationships. If you are sure of your girl get a tattoo together but means something to both of you.

#4 Take her shopping: Tell her you want to take her shopping, and the girl will be bowled over as it is. The other perk is that you will not have to keep guessing what she wants. You only pay the bill!

#5 Dreams:  Express creatively what dreams do you have with her. You can get a map of the world and mark with a heart all the places you want to go with her. Make it personal. Or else, get on pinterest make a secret board and pin pictures of all the things you wish to do with her. When you are done, share the board with her.

#6 Couple spa – If you can afford it, nothing like it. You will both get to indulge together. A slightly economic version can be a bubble bath together with some champagne. Be sure to light some candles, remember F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

#7Couple’s Photo shoot: Clicking pictures from your phone or asking friends and strangers to click your pictures is completely different than getting a photo shoot done. Hire a professional photographer and have your love captured in beautiful moments.  If you are into it, you can wear similar clothes as well! 

#8 Poetry and Quotes : If you can write her some poetry, define her in the words you think best and type it in a fancy font, print it out ad frame it. If not, simply find a quote, a poem or lines of a song that you would like to dedicate to her and do the same.

#9 Picture collage: Print all the good pictures ( yes instagrams count too) that you have had together. Crazy ones, romantic ones, funny ones… anything and everything. Make a picture collage by hand (the digital is just not personal enough). You can add notes, scribbles, doodles or anything else. Girls dig DIYs!

#10 Push your boundaries: We always have those things we thought we would never do. Think of something you both wouldn’t do otherwise and do it together. The collective experience will bring you both a lot closer. You can go sky diving or a dance class, you decide the boundary.

#11 Jewelry: Valentine’s Day just somehow fits perfectly with baubles. You can get her these pretty things, that we have hand-picked keeping the occasion in mind!
jewelryEarrings • Necklace • Bracelet

#12 Hearts and Kisses: Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to get some hearts and kisses in her life. It is ok to be mushy! Take a pick!

Lamp • Coin Purse • Tee

#13 Good Perfume : If you know her favorite perfume, or the one she always wanted to own, it is the perfect time to present her with a fragrance both of you would love!

Daisy Marc Jacobs • Hypnotic Poison Dior • Versace Bright Crystal

#14 For a hobby: What is your girl’s hobby? Does she like to read or listen to music or paint? Or anything else out there.. then gift her something that relates to her hobby and passion. She will love the thoughtful gift!

Earphones Shure SE425 • Paint Brushes • The wind is not a river

How did you like the list? Want any of the gifts on our list? Or do you want to have something else all together? You know that you can tell us below! 



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