The Valentine’s Day Playlist: 14 new romantic songs to listen in love

Romance is about that warm feeling in the stomach, that sparkle in the eye, that beaming smile, locking fingers, locking lips but also that one song that feels perfect… that says it all. For this Valentine’s day we have spoken about loving yourself, about singles but about couples as well. Today as a final post in the series, we have put together a playlist.

valentine day songs playlist

Nothing quite sets the Valentine’s mood in motion like a romantic song that touches your heart. While we love classics and you will find so many playlists out there for the best romantic songs ever, we stuck to the 2013 love songs, 2012 and a bit of the earlier years. But it is the opposite of classic! It is new. So there is Lana Del Ray in there, Ed Sheeran and even Miley Cyrus (please ignore the video, seriously the song is nice)

There are songs about longing, about an addicted form of love, about being there but also about hot make out sessions. Yes, it is there in small sweet quantities. And was it easy to compile the list? Well let’s just say some of us did not speak to each other during lunch hour, after all that must-listen song didn’t make it to the list. Phew! For love we made war (of course only for a short time) But was it worth it? You tell us! What do you think about the list and if you were compiling one, which songs would you add?




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