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How to stay Fashionable (and warm) in extreme cold?

So when it really cold and you have to wear a lot of layers how do still stay fashionable? Does fashion take a back-seat over warmth and utility? Well it doesn’t always have to be that way. Recently, over at Chictopia, a user Raivy asked a similar question.

“Yesterday was a brutal 9 degrees F in upstate NY! I find it difficult sometimes to dress fashionably when the weather is that extreme- leggings and pants, the thickest sweater I have, and layering hoodie over hoodie, and a coat and scarf for outside.

Do you get extremely cold weather where you’re at, and how do you keep warm and stay fashionable at the same time?”

We realized that this very problem could be relatable to many of us out there, so the Wink n Pout stylists have put together a few tips to stay fashionable but warm in extreme cold. So here it goes!

Skip Blue Denim
While your jeans maybe your weapon of choice in cold, you can choose a colored jeans or printed one instead of the classic just to give our outfit a fashionable twist. And of course you can always layer it inside with warm tight or even lighter tights.

Gloves can weave Magic
This is an accessory whose significance get’s undermined a lot. But look at the below looks and tell us if you don’t thing they definitely grab brownie points.

Contrast your boots
We love black boots, but sometimes when we are trying to make a fashionable warm outfit we choose to leave the basic pair of boots behind. Or if it is them, then we are favoring thigh-highs this season!

Say yes to chunky scarves
They keep you warm, and because of their size they really define your outfit unlike any other accessory. You can drown in an enormous one and still feel great, or maybe choose a slightly reasonable size.

Statement Outerwear
You must own at least one piece of outerwear in a beautiful color that is not basic or print. It can brighten up your many layers of warm clothing.

Stand out
Just co-ordinate your complete outfit in one color (say black) and add a pop of bright accessory or outer layer. With bare minimum effort the effect is very stylish.

Embellished Details
You can choose your outermost as such (a heavy sweater, jacket etc) that it has some embellished details like elbow patches or even embellished cuffs. What is best is that these details can always be DIYed onto a winter favorite.

Statement Sweaters
It is basically about a statement second-last layer. Mostly it is a sweater or jumper inside your coat your jacket. Hence by simply wearing a statement piece on top of all your layers, you can transform your look.

Belt it up
Sometimes, the only way to pull off so many layers underneath without looking frumpy is a belt.

Ear Muffs
Don’t be afraid to keep yourself warm with ear muffs, just make sure to buy a pair that is fun and never boring

Hats and Beanies
Yes, the very utility oriented layer can bring out the best in our outfit. Have a look below.

Don’t forget your lipstick
Last, but not the least it is the lipstick. Once you put on a flattering color on your pout, you can see the look transform instantly.

So those were our tips to stay warm but fashionable and stylish in really cold temperatures. Do you have any more tips of your own? Share with us below!

Also, don’t forget to download the Wink n Pout app on itunes and android.


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