Cheat Codes

A lazy dresser’s guide to impeccable workwear

As it is clear, not everybody is a fan of dressing up or wants to put in much effort into the act of dressing. Though secretly they would hope that there be some tricks to achieve a good result with minimum fuss. So is there a cheat code for the lazy dresser? Yes, there very much is and Wink n Pout stylists want to list it all out in the simplest way possible.

So what do you often wear to work? Pants and a button down or sometimes a skirt and a button down or even a simple shift dress? Let’s build on that then!

One statement separate
This is while you go shopping; make sure you have a classic item in its statement avatar. You say a pair of black trousers we say a pair of black wide leg and high-waist trousers. You say button down, we say silk printed button down.  These simple changes will elevate your workwear a couple of notches!

Play with colors
One bright colored separate, whether it is a skirt or a shirt can breathe life into the boring drab workwear separates.

Add a statement necklace
Add one to your dress, button down or even tee (worn with a blazer). It basically works with everything and it works like magic

Bow tie
Now a bow tie isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it can be an elegant and androgynous replacement to the statement necklace with a button down. If you manage to pull it off, you would love bow ties forever.

Statement bags
So you wear your regular workwear clothes, but switch up the basic bag for something preppy or sexy. So without putting in any effort on an everyday basis you manage to cheat your way into an impeccable outfit on an everyday basis.

Seriously, belts have taken a re-birth. Color and width are not the only things that can make the belt stand out. Now we have metallic belts and even peplum ones, the latter of course has the power to change any silhouette. So, wear belts over dresses or even over blazers and you would notice the difference it makes.

Just don’t shy away from them. Printed button downs, printed pants, printed skirts, they all are worth having even more so if you are a lazy dresser. No more effort than putting on a basic item and lots more visual appeal.

As a lazy dresser, you should e wearing a lot of blazers. This layer instantly makes even the most boring of combinations look good. And if your blazer matches you pants, you can pull it off as a pseudo-suit. How cool is that right?

It is in the shoes
Instead of the classic ones, go after the statement shoes. Make them stand out and the look stands out as well.

So these were our tricks to look impeccable at work even when you do not put in a lot of effort. But lastly, ladies don’t forget to put on your lipstick. Trust us, it makes everything so much better!

To have an impeccable wardrobe that flatters you and your body don’t forget to download the Wink n Pout app! Available on Apple Store and Android!


9 thoughts on “A lazy dresser’s guide to impeccable workwear

  1. I think you may be single-handedly responsible for getting me back into caring about detail in fashion again. (Still suffering from new mommy, body forever changed, never go anywhere blahs – and my baby is now 12). Cheers!

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